10 comic book events that barely affected the Marvel universe


Epic comic book events that switch to different titles and bring heroes together to face a bigger threat than usual have become a mainstay of the Marvel universe, and fans expect a new event almost every year, if not more often, given the increased sales that usually come with the event.

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However, the frequent use of crossover events requires the creators to work with all of the different teams and characters who continuously execute storylines, which doesn’t always result in the most impactful storylines as the Marvel Universe quickly returned to the original status quo that we did ‘I’m going to do a little more research today, with a look at a couple of Marvel events that left no trace.

10 The war of evolution and the overlap of the Atlantis attacks were very self-contained

The evolutionary war and the Atlantis attacks share the picture

Marvel explored a new form of crossover event in 1988 with The Evolutionary War by Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart, Louise Simonson, Chris Claremont and Steve Gerber, which pervaded all current yearbooks to tell independent stories about the High Evolutionary and its plans that Developing world with a genetic bomb stopped by the Avengers, though the event didn’t change much than establishing the new annual crossover.

In the 1989 Atlantis attacks by Greg Pak, Atlantis was barely seen as the Lemurians were at the center of their attempts to bring about the return of the god Set to earth by finding the serpent crown and the brides of Set in one cohesive one Collected action that remained self-contained in the yearbooks.

9 Acts of revenge only managed to establish a few villainous rivalries

The villains of the Marvel Universe were co-organized by a Loki in disguise during the 1989 Acts of Vengeance (by Dwayne McDuffie and Terry Austin) crossover event where they launched an assault on heroes like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four by made them fight rogues they weren’t used to being normal.

The attacks failed, however, and Loki’s weak partnership between villains like Magneto and Red Skull led to the establishment of an ongoing rivalry between the two, though the event didn’t last much beyond Spider-Man’s brief appearance as Captain Universe.

8th The Infinity Gauntlet started much more impactful events than it did itself

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet

In 1991 the iconic The Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin, George PĂ©rez and Ron Lim appeared, in which Thanos first collected the Infinity Gems to form the Infinity Gauntlet, which enabled him to wipe out half the population of the universe and a number of heroes who gathered to stop him, all to impress death.

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While the event grew into an influential series that would later feed into the plot of a number of characters like Thanos and Adam Warlock, it was mainly used to kick off sequels like Infinity War and Infinity Crusade, which laid the groundwork for later storylines with the Infinity Gems / Stones laid down and the Marvel Universe largely returned to the normal status quo after each event.

7th Maximum security has turned the earth into a prison and back with little impact

Ronan with maximum security

The Kree Supreme Intelligence tried to keep Earth and her heroes out of the galactic business by turning Earth into a cosmic prison planet during the Maximum Security event (by Kurt Busiek) in 2000, which also faced the threat of Ego the Living Planet occurred when he was trying to get along with. to merge the earth.

The plot was short-lived and starred less popular characters such as US Agent and Quasar. As the earth dealt with the influx of intergalactic criminals and almost morphed into a new ego, by the end of the event almost everything was restored properly, with very little impact on the rest of the world.

6th World War Hulk reached every corner of the universe with little impact

Hulk and Warbound vs. Avengers in World War Hulk

After the Illuminati decision to send Hulk off the planet during the Planet Hulk story ended in tragedy, he returned to Hulk (by Greg Pak) with a powerful army of Warbound during World War II in 2007 to take on the various leaders to avenge Marvel’s main factions.

This led to a series of tense, building-demolishing battles that turned Madison Square Garden into an enslaved gladiatorial arena. But after the Hulk and his Warband were defeated and imprisoned, the Stark Tower was rebuilt almost instantly and his war against Earth had little consequence.

5 Fear itself was a brutal Asgardian war that did not result in much lasting change

Fear yourself, the mighty one

Matt Fraction’s 2011 Fear Itself event featured a global Asgardian War waged by the serpent god of fear and his army of transformed heroes and villains who wielded enchanted hammers, known as The Worthy, which saw the assembled Marvel heroes alike equip to get them down.

The event featured some big moments, including the return of Thor and the deaths of characters like Bucky / Captain America, although most were undone before the event ended and Fear Itself was forgotten by heroes and fans as things went fast normalized again. Even Paris, turned to stone by the Gray Gargoyle, soon went back to normal

4th Chaos War has resulted in the universe being reverted to the status quo after near extinction

Chaos King vs Thor in Chaos War

Hercules put together a team of heroes and deities known as the God Squad to take on the demonic being called Amatsu-Mikaboshi / Chaos King who found in Grek Pak, Fred van Lente and Khoi. tried to wipe out the multiverse and restore a realm of nothing Pham’s Chaos War.

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While the Chaos King almost succeeded in wiping out the Multiverse, Hercules used his enhanced powers as the new All-Father to not only stop Chaos King, but also to restore the universe to its normal state. Hercules saw some changes and Alpha Flight returned, but the Marvel Universe still moved in a similar way after the Chaos War.

3 Shadowland’s transformed hellish kitchen returned to normal very quickly

Daredevil versus Marvel heroes in Shadowland

Daredevil was owned by The Beast of The Hand in Andy Diggles and Billy Tan’s Shadowland event, where the dark hero established a new headquarters in Hell’s Kitchen called Shadowland, which served as both a prison and a temple for The Hand to help out their darkness to spread influence on New York.

A number of street-level heroes, including a new Power Man, were included in the event that turned Daredevil on after he killed Bullseye. Daredevil even committed suicide after being stripped of his possessions, although he was revived before the end of the event and Hell’s Kitchen quickly returned to normal after the finale, despite Black Panther’s brief opening of a store in town.

2 Fiends vs. X-Men couldn’t do much about Marvel’s outliers


Marvel’s Mutants and Inhumans have always been the runaways of the superhuman community, despite being pitted against each other at the Inhumans vs. X-Men event hosted by Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire in 2016, which followed the worldwide release of the Terrigen Mists during the Infinity event.

While IvX managed to remove the threat posed by the Terrigen Mists that caused the mutated plague known as M-Pox, the ultimate conflict between the two groups fizzled out, leaving them in almost the same position as before the event, despite having new team lists formed out of chaos.

1 The War of the Empires only boosted the storylines of Thor and Jane Foster

Marvel heroes fight in the war of empires

In Jason Aaron’s and Russell Dauterman’s work on The Mighty Thor, Jane Foster transformed into a new version of the hero, while Malekith the Dark Elf rallied the various realms under his leadership to wage a war on Midgard / Earth in The War of the Realms of 2019 kick off.

While the event moved on to a large number of titles and saw major transformations for characters like Daredevil, the massive war only served as the finale to Aaron’s run, opening up new avenues for Thor and Jane Foster / Valkyrie while almost everything else returned to normal.

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