8 spectacular train journeys through the fall foliage in the USA | lifestyle


Fall is a great time for a road trip. Getting on a train is a nice alternative. It offers even more time to soak up the collage of golden yellows, burnt oranges, and toasted reds on your scenic journey.

Amtrack offers the opportunity to do just that with its numerous scenic routes. There is free WiFi and you can even bring your bike or small pet.

Here are their 8 breathtaking destinations

1. Downoster

Braunschweig, ME – Boston

2. Adirondack

Montreal – Albany – New York

3. California Zephyr

Chicago – San Francisco

4. Capitol Limited

Washington, DC – Pittsburgh – Cleveland – Chicago

5th Cardinal

New York – Chicago

6. Empire Builder

Chicago – St. Paul – Minneapolis – Spokane – Portland / Seattle

7. Ethan Allen Express

Rutland – Albany – New York

8. Missouri River Runner

St. Louis – Jefferson City – Kansas City, MO

Further information on the individual routes can be found here