A Non-Drug Solution To Treating Infections


Ozone Therapy is a powerful method to decrease pain, inflammation and improve your overall health. Your body is a marvellous organ. It has been tuned for hundreds of years to fight off illness and strengthen your immune system. Sometimes however, your body can become overwhelmed with viruses and bacteria, and the immune system becomes insufficient to cope with the. Ozone can be used to increase the immune system to a whole new level.

Ozone is an antimicrobial powerhouse that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, even those that are hard to eradicate with antibiotics. It also assists in the removal of toxins and stimulates your immune system, so it can fight off infections more efficiently. It can also boost your red blood cells and boost oxygen levels, helping to reduce the stress on your lungs. This makes it a great treatment for those suffering from breathing issues, like COPD and diabetics who suffer from chronic ulcers. IV Ozone Therapy is a safe non-invasive procedure that involves taking a sample of your blood and then infusing it with ozone, which transforms it into a bright cherry red. The IV drip is then returned the ozonated blood to your body. Based on your condition and severity, you may receive three to five treatments in a week or multiple days in succession. Every person is unique, and your doctor will determine the best dosage and regimen to meet your requirements. On your first visit, you will be asked to provide your medical history as well as a consultation. This will allow the doctor to suggest the appropriate amount of ozone to address your symptoms. In general it is administered via an autohemotherapy device that is sterile, in which blood is collected, mixed with medical ozone and then infusion back into your body. Ozone has numerous benefits. It activates the immune system, increases energy production, promotes healthy circulation of blood, and helps to cleanse your body. It can also improve the oxygenation of cells, which is essential to heal and regenerate tissues. Benefits of Ozone Therapy also enhances the oxygenation of your red blood cells, and increase the delivery of nutrients to cells. This will help you to stay healthy and prevent premature aging. It can also boost the capacity of your body to repair damaged tissues. It’s also a fantastic regenerative medicine treatment, and is particularly beneficial to people suffering from arthritis, chronic injuries disc herniation, herniated discs, as well as joint pain. It can accelerate the healing process, and also reduce inflammation and swelling. It can also stimulate the release of growth factors that could speed up the healing process of discs or joints that have been damaged. Ozone is antimicrobial and has the ability to boost collagen production. This could lead to less pain and better mobility. Ozone can improve your skin’s appearance by promoting a healthier, younger glow. In addition, ozone is an antioxidant-rich natural substance and can also increase local circulation to speed the recovery process. It can also boost your brain’s power and enhance your well-being.

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