A timeline of events – NBC New York


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces calls for members of his own party to step down, calls for an attorney general investigation and a federal investigation into his administration – a startling twist for someone considered a front runner not so long ago for the presidency in 2024.

What follows is a timeline of the recent events that ensnared the governor:


13: A former Cuomo aide, Lindsey Boylan, accuses the governor of harassment. Cuomo completely denies their claims.


28: New York Attorney General Letitia James releases a scathing report stating the state may have counted under the deaths associated with COVID nursing homes by thousands, and that Cuomo’s policies on returning COVID patients to nursing homes may have exacerbated the problem.

13: Comments come from a top Cuomo adviser who allegedly told lawmakers the state was “frozen” when it released data on COVID deaths in nursing homes, fearing the data was pending investigation by the Justice Department Trump would be used.
16: Cuomo admits errors in the state’s handling of death dates in nursing homes, but does not apologize.
17th: Queens Congregation member Ron Kim claims Cuomo threatened him in an angry phone call over Kim’s comments on Cuomo’s handling of COVID deaths in nursing homes. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio later calls such threats “classic Cuomo”.
18th: Sources tell News 4 that the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn have opened an investigation into how the Cuomo administration handled data from nursing homes.
23: A Marist poll shows Cuomo’s approval rating declined by nearly 20 points, with a majority of voters saying the state should elect a new governor next year.
24: Former adjutant Boylan accuses Cuomo of kissing her against her will and making inappropriate remarks. Cuomo vehemently denies the claim.
27: A second counselor, Charlotte Bennett, accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment. The governor appoints a former federal judge, Barbara Jones, to conduct a review. Instead, the leaders of the Senate and Assembly are calling for an independent investigation. At least two Democrats in the legislature are calling for Cuomo’s resignation.