ABC’s new lifestyle series Movin ‘to the Country will air July 2nd


Australians are moving into the country faster than you can order a soy latte to go with your battered avocado.

New research released by the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) shows that one in five city dwellers is considering moving to the regions, with more than half looking to make the move within the next twelve months. The global pandemic and the work from home phenomenon have exacerbated this trend.

From Friday, July 2nd, 7.30 p.m. on ABC TV and ABC iview, Move to the country celebrates the entrepreneurs, innovators and dreamers who are transforming the face of Australia’s regional areas in new ways.

The six-part series introduces people who have lived their entire lives in regional Australia, returned to the country, or made the decision to embrace their urban life to make a difference in regional cities. Move to the country shows the beauty our country has to offer and celebrates the viability and attractiveness of regional Australia.

host Craig Quartermaine, Kristy O’Brien and Halina BaczkowskiTravel to a different region every week to tell the stories of people who want to make a living from their little paradise. While it’s not just beer and peaches despite the struggles and setbacks, they never looked back.

Any sequence of Move to the country Explore three stories in a region to find out how people create new lifestyles for themselves and how their success affects the community.

Elsewhere on the National Broadcaster, Australia speaks is back in 2021 to find out what Australians think and feel, and how our lives are at this remarkable time in history.

This year the Australia Talks National Survey was bigger than last time. The ABC polled more than 60,000 Australians in all states, territories and federal voters.

The main results will be announced in a special TV event on Monday June 21st.