According to reports, Apple could have two major launch events


Sources familiar with Apple’s supply chain have suggested that the California-based giant may not be showing a range of products at an event, which is why the company may be planning two of them. According to Mashable, although most analysts are talking about just one Apple event, slated to take place in the third week of September, a report claims that the company may not showcase everything at a single event.

However, not all appear to be convinced of the report’s claims. What is actually expected is that Apple could hold an event in September to showcase products like the iPhone 13 series, followed by the iPad 9, Apple Watch Series 7, and AirPods 3. Apple could then hold a separate briefing and introductory event in early October organize November to announce the M1X MacBook Pro family and with it the iPad mini 6. The M1X Mac mini may not be part of Apple’s announcement as it is rumored to be delayed for marketing reasons.

Assuming the report’s claims regarding two events in September are true, this will still be a correct move by Apple. First, people expect to see a number of product announcements, and if they are presented during a single event, viewers can become disinterested in the time it takes to unpack the entire event. If Apple chooses to make the event succinct, the company may not give each product feature the time indicated, missing some key selling points and discouraging future customers.

However, the global health crisis has a habit of forcing companies like Apple to change their plans on the fly, so treat this report with a pinch of salt. (ANI)

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