Amazon Explore Reviews 2021: Book virtual events, experiences online


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Amazon enters the virtual event space with new Amazon Explore experiences for music fans. First launched last September, Amazon Explore features hundreds of live streaming events connecting viewers with local hosts and experts, from cooking classes to mini concerts and much more.

Amazon Explore experiences start at $ 10, and the website states that there are currently more than 200 experiences to choose from. Similar to booking a ticket for a tour or movie, viewers can select the Amazon Explore session they want, set a date and time, and then wait for confirmation from the organizer. You will then be given a link that will allow you to log into Amazon to take part in the experience, which is carried out safely and virtually from home. Each Amazon Explore experience is designed for one party at a time, so you cannot share the session with anyone else.

Although you tune in from home, these are surprisingly interactive experiences too. A special viewing platform allows you to take “photos” during your session by clicking an on-screen camera icon. You can then view and download your photos after your session. You can also speak directly to your host, ask questions, make suggestions, etc.

Music experiences available include a guided tour of Louis Armstrong Park in New Orleans with a local guide who points out famous monuments and works of art, and gives you an oral history of the American jazz scene. The hotel is located in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans (the oldest African American neighborhood in the United States). The “walking tour” can be as casual or in-depth as you like as your guide takes you through the birthplace of many of most of the country’s renowned jazz musicians.


Another musical experience takes you to Argentina, where you’ll have an interactive session with a guide, musician, and folklore expert. In this experience, you will get an overview of traditional Argentine music and instruments (the description is “Argentina is not just tango!”) And a local musician will perform some classic folk songs for you in a private concert that will be streamed live to your house.

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Do you want something more optimistic? Take a music and fashion tour of London’s Soho neighborhood, home to many of the most famous music and art venues, cultural references and inspiration. The guided tour takes you through Oxford Street, Canaby Street and London’s Chinatown and shows “musical and artistic touchstones” for everyone from Mozart to the Beatles to Jimi Hendrix.

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Aside from music, the Amazon Explore website offers a variety of online shopping experiences, online food tours, historical and cultural tours, and even virtual spring break experiences that can take you anywhere from Mexico to Paris. The site has also launched a whole range of women-led experiences where you can meet female artists and small business owners to visit their workshops and studios, and then buy their products. According to Amazon, you can use these experiences to support small businesses and buy unique souvenirs, artwork, and other unique items.

The full list of Amazon Explore deals can be found on On this website you can book an experience for yourself or for someone else as a great virtual gift idea.