Auburn Gym meets Kentucky on a long road trip | Auburn University Sports News


Drew Watson scored a 9,850 for Auburn on the floor. Both Gobourne and Watson could throw upgrades on the floor this time around, Graba said, depending on how well they work with them as they warm up.

The same applies to Stevens, who is aiming for an upgrade after a hit of 9,800 in the vault against Florida.

“I feel like our main goals were to get everyone on the team doing their job and just following some solid routine like we do in practice every day,” said Stevens. “I feel like I did just that at pretty much all four events. Of course they weren’t perfect, and there are still some improvements, but I thought it was a pretty good start. “

The Tigers will try to beat their scores against Kentucky tonight as they recover from their bus ride on Thursday and lose an extra day of training. Graba said in a typical year the team could have trained Thursday before boarding a plane for a meeting like Kentucky.

However, he also said that adversity can make a team better, and he seeks that of his team at this meeting.

“Of course we have more to do with the road trip and traveling and things like that than with them, but that also makes you better as a team,” said Graba. “I just want to see us go out there and do our thing and focus on what we can do.