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One early weekend I was sitting outside on my porch reading a story in the Bible. It was from Acts 16 that Paul and Silas were thrown in prison. They were detained with their feet tied and locked in a cell. Paul and Silas’ circumstances were dire and their future seemed hopeless. However, with boldness and confidence, they continued to focus on trusting and praising God.

Verse 25 says: “Around midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly there was an earthquake so violent that it shook the foundations of the prison. Suddenly all the prison doors flew open and all the chains came loose. “

For a moment it looked bleak for Paul and Silas. But quickly, in the next instant, God moved and the chains that were holding Paul and Silas back were torn from them and the prison walls collapsed. The power of God changed the situation.

Do you need a miracle? Perhaps you will find yourself at the end of your hope. Perhaps you are trapped in the chains of the past. Or, exhausted with doubt, you might think, “There is no need to count my blessings or praise God.”

But if you “rejoice over and over again” (1 Thessalonians 5:16) and raise your voice in praise and thanks, God will hear you and help you. And soon, like Paul and Silas, you will experience a tremendous breakthrough and be on your way to victory.

So breathe out worries and worries, and breathe in love and gratitude, reminding yourself that God is greater than any problem you may face. God has led you this far and will continue to lead you. So adopt an attitude of gratitude even when life makes no sense at all, and keep being grateful for all of your gracious gifts. Let go of the little annoyances. By warming up the little frustrations, they can turn into big frustrations and thereby discourage you. Much like having a familiar phone number that you call a lot, discouragement like that phone number soon becomes second nature as you repeat other people’s mistakes or think about how unfair situations have been. Turn fears into positive thoughts. And choose not to live bitter, negative, or dissatisfied. No matter what happens around you, there is always a reason to be grateful. So keep praising God. Because praise is a powerful force against discouragement. Thanking and praising can calm your nerves and open your heart to new possibilities and hopeful expectations. Gratitude can instantly change the way you feel about yourself and your future.

Maybe you are not where you want to be right now. However, you can be grateful that you are getting closer to success every day.

You may have been wronged. Now, let go of it and move forward to live the full life that God wants you to have. Trust that God will act for your sake.

Or maybe you have failed or made mistakes in the past. But this is a new day so be thankful that you can dream new dreams, set new goals, and strive to achieve them. God can give you a second chance.

Every morning, start by making a mental or written list of three or four things that you are grateful for. Then, several times during the day, close your eyes for a few minutes of silent gratitude and go through this “gratitude list” again. For God has promised that if you daily remember the boons He sent you, your strength will be renewed like the eagle.

Then repeat to yourself, “I am strong,” “I am valuable,” “I am gifted,” “God has a plan for me,” and “The future is bright.”

Believe that situations get better and they will be better.

Think of success and you will succeed.

Speak as if you have been blessed and you will be blessed.

Some time ago I received an email from a gentleman who wrote about the importance of praising and being grateful to God. He wrote: “When I heard the importance of being grateful all the time and in all circumstances, I was very skeptical. But I kept noticing that the happiest people constantly expressed gratitude and appreciation for the people and things in their lives. So I took the chance and tried it out. ”

The letter continued, “I just made up my mind to be grateful for the people and things in my life every day, several times a day. And I realized that it brings me luck. I said thank you for my car, my computer, my apartment, my shoes, my teeth, my eyes, my hands, my feet, my health and so on. Then something good happened; I started feeling a lot better every day! Additionally, I have seen that if we appreciate what we already have, God will pave the way for us to achieve what we don’t currently have. So now I see that gratitude to God is the wonderful way to happiness for today and tomorrow and all of our future. “

Like this gentleman, let’s be grateful and seek the best in all circumstances, taking the time to thank God and remembering His love and faithfulness. Let us cherish ourselves and those around us. Let’s focus on everything that’s right in our life. Gratitude enlarges the heart and allows even more goodness to penetrate into it. This is how you help us shape the future we want.

When my friend Michelle walks in the park with her two-year-old daughter Lucy, banks of wildflowers grow along the way. And Lucy stops and smells every flower.

Let’s like Lucy and enjoy life more fully. Appreciate all the good things around you. Help others. Give away love and compassion. Be comforted and reassured. Go with God and trust him in all things. And as you do this, God will pour out His blessings in even larger portions.

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