Biden’s first global appeal to the Canadian Trudeau: White House


White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s first call would be to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“His first call, the call from the foreign leader, will be to Prime Minister Trudeau on Friday,” she said during her first press conference at the White House after Biden’s inauguration.

“I expect you will certainly be discussing the important relationship with Canada and his decision on the Keystone pipeline announced today,” said Psaki.

Biden officially revoked the president’s permission the Trump administration had given the controversial cross-border oil pipeline project.

The press secretary added that Biden will likely speak to U.S. allies as a priority.

“I would expect his first calls to be made to partners and allies,” she said. “He believes it is important to rebuild those relationships and address the challenges and threats we face in the world.”

Psaki was also asked if Biden would speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin and if they would discuss possible retaliatory measures against the SolarWinds hack.

According to a joint statement by several US authorities, including the FBI and the National Security Agency, the Russians were likely behind the hack that breached the US government’s networks.

“I have no plans … to read for you about a call to President Putin,” she said.

Regarding the SolarWinds hack, she said, “We reserve the right to respond to cyberattacks at any time and in any manner we choose.”