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Big summer events bring a lot of money to the region


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – This was the summer of the big events in Toledo. The goal was to involve hundreds of thousands of people with economic impacts equal to tens of millions of people. But did that happen?

130,000 at the Inverness Club for the golf tournament and another 30,000 in downtown Toledo for the Fan Fest. The 2021 edition of the Solheim Cup was one for the record books and drew the most viewers of all time for the American version of the international tournament. This is what this year’s tournament director Becky Newell says.

“Once we have determined where the tournament will take place in 2024, these people will surely reach out to us to find out what the recipe for the success we have had here in Toledo.”

While they’re still working on the final numbers, Newell says the economic impact has been far-reaching and could end up being higher than early estimates. “I think the economic impact will exceed the estimated $ 30 million. For the community and the northwest Ohio region. “

Newell says the square cleanup is also beating early estimates.

“I think it will take another 3-4 weeks to finish, but the fact that the Meijer Pavilion is already closed is pissing me off. The providers are working really hard so that we can return the course to the Inverness Club members. “

Another big summer event was the Toledo Jeep Fest. The goal was to get about 70,000 people into the city and the organizers say that is exactly what happened.

Cindy Kerr is the Vice President of ConnecToledo.

“So how do we know we’ve reached our visitor destination? We checked with visitor stands, presence in the convention center, how many meals were bought and how many people were in the parade. Such things tell us the numbers. “

And she says those visitors spent millions. “The economic impact was around $ 6 million, and frankly it was probably a little more. When Jeepers come in, they spend money. Whether new Dana axles or special lights. They are always ready to invest in the sellers and also in the whole of Toledo. “

Kerr says anything that has been done to improve our city for these events, from infrastructure improvements to beautification projects, will help set the stage for future investments in our city.

“No-sayers thought that was a one and done. Absolutely not. As an inner city municipality, we are obliged to keep everything moving. “

Work is already in progress to attract more major events. According to Kerr, an announcement is that organizers plan to hold the Toledo Jeep Fest again next year.

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