Bologna, Padua, La Sapienza Unis Top CENSIS Rankings – Lifestyle


(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 19 – La Sapienza Universities in Bologna, Padua and Rome top the ranking of the main Italian state universities published on Monday by the think tank CENSIS.

Bologna was again the front runner with 91.8 points, followed by Padua with 88.7 points.

La Sapienza rose from fourth to third place this year with a score of 85.5, while the University of Florence fell from third to fourth place with 85.0 points.

In fifth place was the Università di Pisa with 84.8 points, followed by the University of Turin, which won a place with a score of 82.8.

The last place in the table was occupied by the University of Federico II of Naples (73.5), before the University of Bari in penultimate place (79.5).

The ranking only takes into account state universities with over 40,000 students. (ANSA).



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