Bryan Harsin Reveals Auburn Football Spring Training Schedule | Auburn University Sports News


“I think the 15 spring exercises are perhaps the most valuable exercises you can get in a year. It sets the stage for your entire summer, ”Harsin said on the podcast. “In the summer, the greatest development comes with a certain player… where does that come from? It comes from all of the things that happened in the spring to set the new goals and visions for what to do in the season.

“This is vital so that we can apply these practices. It is important that we get the chance to see and maximize each day and every iteration in the film that we can go back and show to our players.”

Harsin said the best thing about spring practice is that trainers can fine-tune their work and adjust accordingly with the future. He explained that at the end of each week, employees can get back together and get an idea of ​​where the team is, what progress they need to make, and what changes are needed to make that progress possible.

Harsin is now leading an Auburn program that seeks more consistency at the national level.

Though the Tigers won one national championship in 2010 and played for another in 2013, Auburn took a slight dip at the end of the Gus Malzahn era, playing 23-13 in its last three seasons – including a 6-5 mark in 2020. Under Malzahn, the Tigers mainly fought rivals Alabama, LSU and Georgia as they went 12-0 down in these crucial SEC matchups.