Calcutta: Housewife snatched up “to keep up the lifestyle” | Kolkata News


KOLKATA: The arrest of Sudipta Dey – a middle class housewife – after a kidnapping took the investigators by surprise. According to the police, this is the first time that she has tried to pull away.
“She had got used to a certain lifestyle. The Covid situation made it difficult for her to keep that up. That could have led to the crime, “said one official. Police said the woman convinced her boyfriend Sanjib Majhi to snap in the early hours of the morning after the duo decided to make money quickly.
The victims were returning to their home on DN Ghosh Road and near Jatin Das Park when the incident occurred. “The two accused had ridden on a Scooty and stole valuables from the victim Maninder Kaur, while her husband Birendra Gupta tried to raise the alarm and prevent them from escaping. The incident was reported near Khirode Ghosh Market on Hazra Road at around 1:45 am on Tuesday morning, ”an official said.
The police secured the stolen items, including an expensive Android phone, the Aadhar card, the Metro smart card and 600 rupees in cash. Police officers also confiscated the two-wheeler used to commit the crime.
“This is the first time since Covid that we have arrested a kidnapper from South Kolkata. We have seen female kidnappers before, but the way they operate is different from what this woman planned. It was Dey who actually pounced on the woman’s valuables and fled the spot, ”one office said.