Capturing tribal life on the lens


Chasing the changing contours of the Adivasi lifestyle has been his passion for almost a decade. And the fact that he brushes aside his poor financial background (he is a hairdresser by trade) testifies to his irrepressible joy in discovering the “hidden treasures” of the forests in Adilabad is truly remarkable.

Lensman L. Krishna, 43, is planning a photo exhibition to showcase some of the rare pictures of Adivasis he has taken over the past decade, including some from his last trip.

“It’s a great experience to watch them from afar. Yes, some aspects of their lifestyle have changed forever, but other things like owning their own stream and liking to drink the clean stream water are some traits that show their decades-old culture and traditions, ”he says.

On his recent visit to some of the Adivasi households deep in the forest such as Khandala, Pothaguda, Dahiguda, Kheregama and Molalagutta, Mr Krishna captured some pictures that truly depict the richness of their history and how they continue to maintain their own identity despite challenges on many fronts. “The most impressive thing about them is their honesty and integrity and the smiles on their faces that clearly show their real warmth and affection,” he explains.

“They live mainly from agriculture and stay away from the hustle and bustle of urban culture. You are obviously at peace with yourself, far away from the hustle and bustle, ”says the passionate lens man.

A visit to their homes will take anyone into a world of fantasy as they are blessed by Mother Nature, says Krishna. “Surrounded by the huge trees and some birds including peacocks that visit their places, only they can enjoy. For me, there is no better joy than portraying your great culture in this fast-changing, high-tech world, ”he concludes.