Changes for major events in the Eastern Coachella Valley


Residents and businesses in Eastern Coachella Valley now have the opportunity to be heard Thursday night on changes to a regulation that would limit popular ranches to just four parties a year.

This change is causing many companies to fear that limiting the number of parties at the ranches would collapse the temporary events sector.

The current regulation requires that gatherings of more than 200 people that take place in unincorporated communities have temporary approval from the district.

No permits are required for events with fewer than 200 people.

Riverside County’s Planning Department wants to update this to what it says to strengthen the parts that address public safety concerns.

If major events are held, the county must ensure that these events have traffic control, adequate parking, security, toilets, etc.

By limiting these large events to just four per year, the county believes more people are abiding by these rules.

Given the potential for change, business owners have historically told News Channel 3 that they oppose it.

Supervisor Manuel Perez gives those who oppose the new regulation the opportunity to be heard.

A meeting will take place on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the City of Coachella Corporate Yard, Coachella, 54-362 Enterprise Way. It is open to everyone and is offered in English and Spanish.