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Lorraine Hurley ran a successful Newtown, Connecticut cookery school and was an accomplished professional chef who had traveled the world learning about food, collecting recipes, doing television appearances, and working as a food critic and consultant. After completing her bachelor’s degree in health education and while completing her master’s degree in counseling and guidance at Boston University, the school invited her to chair a committee to publish the university’s first cookbook, Cooking by Degrees.

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Now, many years later, Hurley lives in Colorado Springs and has published her own cookbook and cooking classes are on her curriculum.

Hurley moved here in 2016 and settled in the Village at Skyline for assisted living, where she has a one-bedroom home with a full kitchen.

“I have three grown daughters and one lives here with her husband and family,” she said. “When my husband passed away in 2015, the three girls met to ‘do something with mom’. Since Mike (her husband) and I visited Colorado Springs many times and loved it here, I decided this is the place for me. “

Hurley also had a girlfriend who for years pushed her to write a cookbook. But she never had the time – until home stay orders began in Colorado in March 2020. Her friend reminded her: “Now is the time to write your cookbook.”

Hurley took her advice during the period of isolation and cooked more than ever.

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“I had nowhere to go, couldn’t see anyone,” she said. “I started going through the boxes of my cooking school supplies and realized that I can do it. It became my pandemic project. “

The Hurley Kitchen Cookbook: Food for All Seasons was published in November.

“You have no idea how happy I was when the first books came in,” she said. “My three daughters were looking forward to it too.”

In addition to her own recipes, curated from years of cooking classes, Hurleyo includes recipes from extended families, friends, and even some former students, all of whom have been invited to contribute.

“Everyone I asked sent prescriptions,” she said.

The book contains more than 200 recipes, many of which are given by name. All have been tested for great heights. Of course, most of the recipes come from Hurley, including their famous banana and nut bread.

“To this day I make it every time I get a new neighbor here,” she said. “That’s why everyone here knows me. I bake it and welcome you to the community. “

In the Village, she contributes recipes for a video surveillance broadcaster during a segment titled “Recipe of the Week”.

“These are all simple recipes that can be prepared without an oven,” she says. “Not all residents have a range in their homes. They are retired and many of them no longer want to cook. But from time to time they are interested in doing something for the holidays or a special occasion that is easy. “

She will also offer cooking demonstrations for villagers called “Lunch and Learn” in the dining room of the Village at Skyline. The first with soup and bread is planned for September 29th.

To purchase a copy of The Hurley Kitchen Cookbook: Food for All Seasons, email Hurley at [email protected]. The price is $ 15 plus $ 3.16 for shipping.

Contact the author: 636-0271.

Contact the author: 636-0271.