Conley returns with Jazz in hopes of completing the championship run | Sports news


“It’s a comfort zone here,” said Conley. “I feel really good somewhere. I have the feeling that I can continue to grow and help this team in every way to reach the next level. “

Bringing Conley back was only the first step in jazz. Utah also took a number of steps to improve their bank after being knocked out early last season.

The Jazz signed Rudy Gay for a three-year contract for $ 18.5 million and Hassan Whiteside for a one-year contract for $ 2.4 million. Additionally, Utah striker Eric Paschall acquired through a deal with Golden State and sent back a protected second-round pick for 2026.

The latest additions to the second unit give Jazz a higher score to complement reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jordan Clarkson and Joe Ingles. They also give Jazz improved defensive versatility on the perimeter against small ball lineups.

Gay previously played with Conley in Memphis for 5½ years. He’s looking forward to seeing his former Grizzlies teammate again. The veteran striker said he is also keen to show what he can do in Utah.

Over four seasons in San Antonio, Gay has carved out a niche for himself as a reliable perimeter shooter and defender. He can guard and play multiple positions.

Gay was drawn to Utah in large part because jazz stood out as the team with the greatest need for their specific offensive and defensive skills.