COVID-19: Vaccination Passes “Could Enable Full Capacity Summer Sports Events,” Says Silverstone Boss | UK news


Vaccination cards could allow sports fans to watch the events they love this summer, the Silverstone Circuit boss said.

Stuart Pringle, managing director of the UK Grand Prix track, has admitted that “there is still a long way to go” to ease restrictions but said the track’s “technical staff are already in discussions with testing organizations to lead”.

The comments come as Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined the government’s roadmap to easing restrictions on coronavirus lockdowns in England over the coming months. The leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have also drawn up plans.

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Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix last year

Beginning May 17, larger outdoor seating like soccer stadiums can hold up to 10,000 people or be a quarter full, whichever is lower.

From June 21st the ministers hope to be able to lift such borders.

This year’s UK GP is slated for July 18th and Mr Pringle said the venue, which attracted 141,000 spectators on race day in 2019, had modeled “in every way” different scenarios for fan participation this year.

Asked if suggested Vaccination records could help major sporting events run at full capacity, he told Sky Sports News, “It’s something fans would absolutely consider if it gives them the opportunity to watch their sport, whatever that is.”

“There was a discussion between me and other sports and the government about whether our electronic ticket systems could be linked to the data of a passport.

“It’s not easy, but it is probably possible. So I would vote for it.”

The Northamptonshire venue held two races last summer, but both were behind closed doors.

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Silverstone allowed fans who had already purchased tickets for the original 2020 date to roll them forward for 2021, an option that the “majority” of people availed of, according to Pringle.

He said he was “greatly encouraged” by the later inclusion since the government’s announcement, but emphasized, “It is not safe, there is a risk.”