Cristiano Ronaldo’s healthy lifestyle makes his teammates nervous …


Cristiano Ronaldo causes Manchester United discomfort when it comes to eating junk food …

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Being part of a team is not always easy as some people are not prepared to work with others and appreciate their independence. But when it comes to sports like cricket and soccer, you are prepared from an early age to work with your team while pursuing a common “goal”.

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In reality, however, it is not always an easy task, especially when you understand and have to work with different personalities. In this case, we suspect that is what happens with Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to English Premier League giant Manchester United.

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As much as both fans and the team are hyped about the return of the prodigal son, there seems to be some tension on the team over their eating habits.

It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo’s strict diet rubs off on his teammates as they are nervous about eating junk food in front of him.

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“Usually there is some cheating on a Friday night,” Lee Grant, United’s fourth goalkeeper told TalkSPORT. “You have apple crumble or a little brownie and cream or something not.

“I’m telling you now, no player has touched the apple crumble and the vanilla sauce, no player has gone for this brownie because everyone sat down and one of the boys said to me: ‘What is Cristiano on his plate?'”

When they looked over at his plate, of course, it was a healthy and clean plate of food. Uh, talk about making us feel uncomfortable … It reminds us of when we were kids and had to eat all of our vegetables. In fact, it fits our Bad Moms Club scenario, which happens to come from our own Carol Ofori.

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Ronaldo eats up to six meals and takes five naps in a single “typical” day. “He’s known for starting his day with ham and cheese and a side of yogurt for breakfast before serving avocado toast for brunch.

“He then usually has two lunches and two dinners to refuel the rest of the day. Ronaldo’s first lunch of chicken and salad is often followed by fish with lettuce, eggs and olives. In the evening he either sticks to fish – swordfish, Tuna or cod – or switch to a type of meat. ” (Business insider)

Well, we know he doesn’t endorse carbonated drinks and doesn’t consume alcohol. But should that be something the rest of the team feels compelled to do based on their beliefs? We don’t believe Come on guys stand up for you, everyone is different, if we were all the same life would be so boring.

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