Didi has been removed from Tencent’s WeChat and Ant Group’s Alipay apps


GUANGZHOU, China – Didi’s main app has been removed from Tencent’s WeChat messaging service and Ant Group’s Alipay, another blow to the Chinese ridesharing company.

WeChat with over 1 billion users and Alipay with over 900 million are so-called super apps. That means users can open and use other apps like Didi without leaving Alipay or WeChat.

But the main service Didi has been removed as a shortcut from WeChat and searching for the app no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger produces any results.

In Alipay, which is operated by the Alibaba subsidiary Ant Group, the search for Didi also returned no results.

If a user has previously opened and used Didi within Alipay or WeChat or has saved the Didi mini-program, they can continue to use the ride-sharing service within the super apps.

Alipay and WeChat are important portals for connecting services to users as a person does not have to download every app they want to use. Instead, they can access it through Alipay and WeChat – both apps already have a huge user base.

The moves come after Chinese regulators launched a cybersecurity review of Didi, just days after the US public listing of more than $ 4.4 billion

On Sunday, the authorities ordered app stores in China to remove the downloadable ride-sharing service. Existing users can continue to use the app.

WeChat and Alipay are technically not app stores. It’s not clear how long after the regulators ordered Sunday that WeChat and Alipay removed the Didi mini-program from search.

Didi, Tencent and Ant Group did not respond to a request for comment.

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