Do you need to organize yourself in style? Shaina’s new lifestyle brand is here to help


Shaina Magdayao recently launched The Organized Chicas, a lifestyle brand that previously included bags and garments. Instagram: @organizedchicas

Shaina Magdayao is an avowed “control freak” when it comes to her belongings. She knows the frustration of being disorganized all too well.

The Organized Chicas is a joint venture between Magdayao and her long-time friend Niki Medina, which came up as an idea in mid-2020 when the actress was appointed for the first lock-in shooting cycle for her series “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”. ”

“We had to enter the bubble and I had to make sure my things were organized. I had to make sure my things were labeled, ”Magdayao told ABS-CBN News.

“My bags were labeled with my initials ‘SGM’ just to make sure they were mawawala because we weren’t allowed to have plus ones, mga assistants. You were very strict with the people in the bladder because of the virus.

After adjusting a number of bags during this quarantine period, Magdayao experienced an enlightenment that she immediately shared with Medina: “Ba’t ‘di na lang natin gawing business’ to?”

By February 2021, The Organized Chicas had their first batch of canvas bags, which the duo were selling on Instagram. Five months later, in July, they have since been expanded to include additional designs and sizes, as well as items of clothing.

“We are now developing into a lifestyle brand,” said Magdayao.

Magdayao described The Organized Chicas as “an extension of who I really am” with their product range that reflects their “OC” (obsessive-compulsive) and their preference for classic over hip.

“After so many years in the industry, I already know that I’m not a trendy person. Trends come and go, so I look for good quality classic pieces, ”she said.

Magdayao took particular pride in the brand’s advocacy of local sourcing and design of their products, as well as their environmentally conscious manufacturing.

“One of our intentions with this brand is to be able to help other people in the midst of the pandemic, give them jobs. And who knows – if we get involved in a bigger brand – we’ll give Filipinos more options. It has to be bigger than you and it has to serve a purpose, ”she said.

Magdayao is optimistic about The Organized Chicas’ growth and hopes to expand its offering further to cover household items and more aspects of daily living.

While Magdayao escalated her “OC” side, so to speak, by branding it, she is admittedly learning to be less “organized” in her personal life.

“I used to be a control freak. Now I’ve just learned to let go and be in the present moment. There’s really no point in holding on to the past and worrying so much about the future. I’m still working on that, ”she said.

“And that’s why I no longer take things for granted, I no longer take people for granted. If you are two or five steps ahead, paano naman ‘yung mga taong kasama mo in this season of your life? “

What has served Magdayao well in terms of organization in personal life is the ability to “filter” real connections from those who are not.

“Now I really want to appreciate every single person that is in my life. I don’t have much left because I filtered well, but I have good people in my life. And that brings me so much joy and peace to have people I can rely on and trust, ”she said.