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By BARRY WILNER, AP Pro Football Writer

Former NFL player and coach Eugene Chung is still waiting to meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell over an anti-Asian comment a team made about him during a job interview earlier this year.

Chung said on a conference call Monday that he was never told by the league why a requested meeting with Goodell was not arranged or how the NFL’s investigation was being conducted.

Chung, who played for five teams and trained with the Eagles and Chiefs, failed to identify the coach who he says Asian Americans are “not the right minority” in the NFL. The NFL was reviewing the matter and said this month: “After several discussions, including with Mr. Chung and his agent, we have not been able to confirm the exact statement that was made or by whom and under what circumstances such a statement was made.”

But Chung wants more information about the investigation.

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“I know people I’ve spoken to, head coaches and people high up in the boardroom who didn’t know about it,” he said.

“I’m not interested in outing anyone, it’s irrelevant. The very fact that this statement was made to me raised many questions on my behalf.

“My goal is to find out if Asians (from the NFL) are considered a minority. There is legitimate confusion and when the statement was made it was shocking. I would like to get clarity and clarification about whether Asians are considered a minority in the hiring process. I want to bring that out and answer it. “

Chung believes meeting Goodell would clear things up.

“NFL Security has spoken to my representatives and asked to meet Mr. Goodell so we can talk about what I was talking about,” added Chung. “The application was rejected. I don’t know why he doesn’t sit down with me or hold a meeting to discuss these issues. “

The NFL did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

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