Falcon’s first NFL team to vaccinate 100% of its players | Sports news


BLUMY BRANCH, Georgia (AP) – The Atlanta Falcons are the first NFL team to have all players have the COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Falcons opened the training camp with more than 90% of their players vaccinated and they confirmed on Monday that they have hit 100%. The NFL announced that the Falcons were the first team to reach 100%.

Atlanta is the first team to be able to wear all of its players at the facility without masks and eat and train together.

Meanwhile, defensive end John Cominsky has been put on the concussion log and will miss this week’s pre-season game in Miami.

Cominsky was injured in the third quarter of the 23-3 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Friday night. The third-year player played 13 games, including two starts, and had 28 tackles and one sack last season.

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The Falcons have released linebacker George Obinna and offensive lineman Bryce Hargrove as well as the injured wide receiver J’Mon Moore. The team also dropped defensive lineman John Atkins, cornerback Marcus Murphy and offensive lineman William Sweet.

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