Food on Wheels: September 12, 2021 | lifestyle


Pandemic restrictions without food apply at the locations:

Meals on Wheels Office, 551 Chipeta Ave., drive-through only, 12: 30-13pm, Monday-Friday.

Seniors Recreation Center, 550 Ouray Ave., closed.

Grand View Apartments, 1501 N. First St., residents only, Monday through Thursday.

Ratekin Towers Apartments, 875 Main St., residents only, Monday through Friday.

Clifton Community Hall, 126 Second St., pickup only Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Collbran Parish Church, closed in 2003 High St, Collbran.

Mesa Community Center, 48973 KE Road, Mesa, Tuesday pickup only.

Fruita Community Center, 324 N. Coulson St., closed.

Palisade Community Center, 120 W. Eighth St., pick-up Tuesday and Thursday 12: 00–12: 30 pm only.

Reservations / cancellations of dining places are required one working day in advance by 4:00 p.m., 243-9844. Call Friday by 4pm to reserve Monday. The food is delivered to your home in a plastic bag. Volunteers will knock, announce “Meals on Wheels” and hang a bag on the door. Home delivery customers should call extension 243-9844. 9, if you haven’t received your meal by 12:45 p.m. Call 243-9844 for free nutritional questions / advice. Volunteers are always needed. The suggested donation for food is $ 3.50. The fee for guests under 60 is $ 10.25.

All meals served with 1 percent milk:

Monday – Tuna salad on green, garden vegetable soup, orange glazed carrots, apple with peanut butter, wholemeal rolls.

Tuesday – Beef stew, spinach and mandarin salad, fruit cocktail, apple and blueberry crisp, biscuit.

Wednesday – Meat loaf and sauce, baked potato, green herb beans, citrus gelatin, multigrain bread.

Thursday – Chicken teriyaki, steamed brown rice, Asian broccoli salad, pineapple and marachino cherries, whole grain bread.

Friday – Ham tetrazzini, Swiss vegetables, mixed salad, pears, rye bread.