Getting Help From A Title IX Lawyer


In 1972 the federal government enacted Title IX legislation. This made it illegal for schools that receive federal funding to discriminate against students based upon their gender. This new law protects women from discrimination in all aspects, including college education and sports.

A knowledgeable attorney is the best way to safeguard yourself from discrimination based on gender. A lawyer can assist you navigate the sometimes-complicated investigation or disciplinary process.

Your lawyer will make sure that you have all the evidence you need to support your case. They can also help you prepare for the hearing by helping you write your opening statement. This is especially important in cases of sexual assault, or other forms of harassment.

You require an advocate for your side who is aware of the importance of Title IX and will fight for your rights in every way possible. Our lawyers have years of experience protecting and preserving rights of students on campus. We are ready to help you now!

If you’ve been charged with a violation of Title IX lawyer Baton Rouge, you may be facing severe consequences from the school. This could mean academic credit loss and suspension or expulsion. Additionally, you could lose financial aid or scholarships for which you are otherwise eligible.

A defense student from the accusation of a Title IX violation

If a student is accused of breaking a university’s Code of Conduct, there is usually an extensive, complex disciplinary process that begins with an investigation. Then, there’s a hearing where the school’s findings of “responsibility” for the violation are confirmed or rejected.

During the investigation, it’s important to be completely honest with the investigators. Even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your entire story, it’s crucial to provide as much information as you can for the investigators to investigate the case effectively and fairly.

It is also important to discuss any medical or mental health issues you may have with the investigators in order to allow them to examine your claims in a more thorough manner. This will enable investigators to evaluate your situation and provide the right level of support.

If you are under investigation for a Title IX violation, you must always be forthcoming with the school about your concerns. This will help them quickly settle your case and conduct a thorough investigation.

A typical Title IX investigation takes 60 days, but it may take longer in the case of more complicated allegations. Although it is not mandatory that schools conduct an investigation within this time frame, it is recommended that they follow federal guidelines and finish the investigation as quickly as they can.