Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp Review: Animations That Dazzle


Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp Review: Animated light show on your desk

RRP $ 60.00

“The Govee Aura table lamp is a smart lamp that uses RGB colors to illuminate its 360-degree surface.”


  • Nice RGB lights

  • Well organized app

  • Lots of presets for different colors and palettes

  • Manual control on the device


  • Cheap plastic construction

  • App restrictions

Smart lighting is one of the easiest smart home technologies that you can incorporate into your home. It’s simple, rarely requires anything special, and gives your home a flair that no other smart home category can. Sure, you can get your oven to talk to your phone, and that’s a nice trick for showing off at parties. But lighting has a certain subtle charm that cannot be quantified.

So far, most of the smart home lighting I have in my home has come from Philips, and my attempts to expand outside the Philips area have been disastrous. So I was skeptical when Govee offered me the opportunity to try out his table lamp. My skepticism came from two sources. First of all, it’s a lighting company that is not Philips, and besides, I don’t use table lamps very much in my house. My house has pretty much all of the lighting fixtures in the ceiling. Still, I wanted to try. So let’s dive in.

Design: inconspicuous hardware

Right out of the box, the Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp is a pretty cheap plastic lamp with five buttons on top and branding that is hard to miss on the front underside of the lamp. There is a small brick on the power cord that spoils the overall look of the lamp. It’s a tiny brick – so small that it actually feels a bit unnecessary, so overall this wasn’t a promising start.

The Govee Aura lamp has RGB lights to brighten up the night.Govee

The lamp is a cylinder that is approximately 8 inches high and approximately 4 inches wide. When lit, only about half an inch at the bottom and a quarter of an inch at the top serve as a kind of aperture. The lamp is bright and can reach 350 lumens and has a temperature range of 2200 – 6500K. Inside is also what Govee calls RGBICWW lighting, which is a fancy way of saying animated, multi-colored lights. One of the nice things about the hardware is that the shell is translucent enough to convey colors clearly, but doesn’t reveal the mechanisms inside that would dispel the illusion.

Personally, I prefer buttons on the top just because touch-sensitive panels tend to be either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. A common denominator for most smart lighting lamps is that they typically come in a variety of form factors. It is difficult to say whether this is “better or worse” than the smart table lamp “Tree of Light” from CET; It all depends on your personal preference for your facility.

Software: animations galore

The Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp is mainly controlled via the Govee app, which allows you to use different effects and lighting patterns. You can move the lights to music or just show a specific pattern. You can even set up a custom pattern based on your color tastes. Govee also has a few dozen animated patterns that swirl the colors inside the lamp, some of which create a pretty cool effect while others move at a slightly jerky pace that gives the illusion of fish swimming in a tank, quickly scattered.

Nevertheless, I particularly liked the animations in the lamp. You can choose one of several animations and watch a sunrise, drag clouds in the sky, or see the above fish swimming in a bowl. There were many choices and I found them to be very enjoyable. Govee got really creative here, which is great because when it comes to things like that, I’m one of the least creative people I know.

Whether for your living room or the children’s room, the app offers a design that you will like.

Govee’s software even lets you configure custom color swatches and help you by suggesting national flags, stars, seasons, and even the colors of the earth or any of the other planets in the solar system. Govee has put a lot of thought into this software, but in some places it just falls short. For example, yes, Govee suggests the colors of the earth, but you can only pick one at a time. I would like to cycle through all the colors of Mars; that would look really cool.

Additionally, the Govee lamp can be tied to Alexa or Google Assistant, although this is the least useful part of the lamp in my opinion. In all honesty, the Google Assistant rarely understood that I was talking about the lamp, even though I tried different name formats. I’ve tried “Govee Lamp”, “Aura Lamp”, “The Desk Lamp”, and a few others that I can’t print because this is a family friendly site. Needless to say, this part was a little frustrating. I can’t tell if the problem was with the Google Assistant or the Govee software. I would often say “turn on the Govee lamp” and watch the Google Assistant transcribe “turn on the Gobi lamp”. Whatever the case, there is work to be done here.

Performance: Strong colors that attract attention

Govee wants you to enjoy your RGB lamp in a variety of ways. You can customize it yourself or let the Govee software team do things for you. You can set the lamp on a timer and let it wake you up. When you don’t feel like whipping out your phone and opening the app, you can tap the buttons at the top to turn the lamp on or off, adjust the brightness, and even switch to music mode. In short, I wasn’t a fan of table lamps before. Now I’m looking for places in my house where I could put another one.

The Govee Aura lamp can light up in many different configurations.Adam Doud / Digital Trends

With its dazzling effect, the Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp can potentially be the center of attention anywhere. At the same time, its vivid colors and animations create an atmosphere that other static lights lack.

Our opinion

This is not a perfect product. The build quality is questionable and probably wouldn’t survive a fall from the table to a wooden floor. The lump on the power cord is repulsive. The branding that is on the front and center of the lamp is honestly cheesy. But overall, I like what Govee is doing here, and that’s mostly because of the software. Yes, there are some flaws as well, but I imagine these are pretty easy to fix.

Is there a better alternative?

We’ve got a roundup of the best smart lights you can buy today. there is no lack of them. The next would probably be that Aukey Touch RGB lampwhich looks very similar to this lamp but has a touch sensitive base as opposed to buttons on the top.

The Philips Hue Iris costs significantly more, but it is a different type of table lamp that naturally fits in well with the Philips Hue ecosystem. Additionally, you can direct the light onto walls or wall art for some neat accent lighting.

How long it will take?

The build quality of this lamp is not the best. It’s pretty much top-down plastic that has some shock-resistant properties to be sure. Even so, I would be nervous if I put it too close to the edge of a table, especially over a hardwood or tile floor. The lamp has a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, which is nice, but there’s no telling how long this would last.

Should you buy it?

Yes. This is a beautiful product that can be great fun. Whether for your living room or the children’s room, the app offers a design that you will like. In fact, there are likely several designs out there that you will like. At $ 55 (as of this writing), this isn’t the cheapest smart table lamp, but the app development really shows off at Govee. It also turns out that smart table lamps are fun! Who knew I really love this lamp and will definitely start with Govee when shopping for smart lighting in the future.

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