Govee Lyra Smart floor lamp tested: a futuristic light show


Govee Lyra Smart Floor Lamp Review: A fascinating, futuristic light show

RRP $ 150.00

“If there is a bare corner in your home, the Govee Lyra Smart Floor Lamp will illuminate it with light.”


  • Tons of preset light modes to choose from

  • Strong brightness

  • Vibrant colours

Govee is a brand I’ve talked about a lot over the past few months, in part because their smart lights are affordable compared to alternatives from established brands like Philips Hue and Lifx. Conventional lightbulbs and light strips are widely used in the smart lighting field, saturating the market with products that have very similar purposes and functions – so Govee decides to expand their portfolio with their next device.

At first glance, the Govee Lyra Smart floor lamp with its round base and narrow protruding column looks like something out of a futuristic science fiction film. But once it turns on, there is something intriguing that catches your attention. It’s certainly fascinating, but the $ 150 price tag makes it the most expensive model in its ever-expanding range of smart lighting.

Setup and installation

Building the Govee Lyra Smart Floor Lamp is a fairly simple process that consists of four components: a base, a narrow tube, a strip of light and a power connector. The narrow tube is attached to each other and then connected to the base, which allows it to reach a clearance of 57 inches when fully assembled.

Govee has taken the best features of a smart light strip and transplanted them into a potent floor lamp.

The hardest part of the whole setup is to snake the flexible strip of light along the thin cutout along the tube. It reminds me of your ordinary strip of light that you can hang on a wall or around furniture, but it’s encased in a sturdy and flexible rubber housing that fits into the narrow channel of the tubes. From start to finish, the entire process takes a maximum of 15 minutes.


As I said before, the Govee Lyra Smart Floor Lamp looks very different – so much so that it may not blend well with traditional decor. If you are after the minimalist look, you can surely appreciate what Govee is up to here. Compared to the Wyze floor lamp I tested, which looks very much what I expect from a floor lamp, Govee’s interpretation is undeniably as minimalistic as it gets.

Two people sing next to Govee Lyra Lamp.

This is not a bad quality in and of itself, especially if it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. I ended up putting it in a corner of my office so the light could bounce off the wall more effectively. And sure, you can position it so that the streak of light is facing away from the wall, but I did the opposite because the intensity of the light can be harsh on the eyes due to its high brightness.


Light shows are expected with these types of smart lights, but Govee goes a step further when compared to some other table or floor lamps. Although I really enjoy the ambience that table lamps like the Philips Hue Iris have, they cannot produce different colors at the same time. This is the special thing about the Govee Lyra, because since it is a light strip, it can produce many different colors at the same time. This is achieved thanks to Govee’s RGBIC (red, green, blue independent control) technology.

A selection of dazzling light patterns is available via the Govee Home app, which is available for Android and iOS. What makes it better is that the light patterns are dynamic rather than just emitting one color – which is fine if you prefer a more static setting, but I enjoy the pattern changes that the Lyra offers. From breathing effects to mimicking the look of candlelight, it’s nice to know that there is a pattern to choose from for every mood.

Its versatility underscores the lyra’s ability to customize patterns. The app has options for choosing colors and which areas of the lightstrip to turn on so you can customize a light show. There is a mode that allows the lyre to light up when the microphone detects music or sounds. If you want to throw a dance party, the lyre glows beautifully to the beat of the music.

Use the Govee Home app for Android to turn on Govee Lyra.

Finally, it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. I managed to set it up with the latter so that I can turn it on and off instantly with voice actions.


When it comes to being a main source of light, the brightness of the Govee Lyra easily makes it a perfect reading lamp. It also works well as an accent or ambient light with my particular setup as the light coming from the strip is harsh when looking at it directly.

Govee Lyra Smart floor lamp lighting corner.

Meanwhile, the colors it can produce are saturated in tone – especially when different colors are emitted at the same time. The colors clashing along the wall have something fascinating to say – they make for an impressive light show. Seeing its color explosion through a picture is one thing, but seeing it in action in person or on video is another thing.

Our opinion

The $ 150 cost of the Govee Lyra Smart Floor Lamp is without question the biggest hurdle for most people. It’s still expensive, but it’s justified when you look at what the competition has to offer.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes and no. There aren’t many smart floor lamps out there that offer this level of customization, especially for their price point. The only other alternative worth checking out is the Philips Hue Signe, which stands out for its ability to work as ambient light with your home theater experience, but you’ll want to pay $ 250 for it.

If you’re looking for a smart floor lamp with more emphasis on being a primary light source, you can’t beat the Wyze floor lamp. Although it only emits white light, you pay less than $ 50 for it.

How long it will take?

Fortunately, the base is weighted enough to prevent the lyre from tipping over, but the thin metal column could be damaged if accidentally tipped over. Otherwise, you can count on long-term use of this lamp as it is based on LED technology. Govee offers a one-year limited warranty that covers defects.

Should you buy it?

Yes. It is a floor lamp that emits strong light and is perfect as a primary light source. And its colored light show will dazzle your eyes.

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