Governor Lee lifts restrictions on school sports events starting Monday as COVID-19 cases decline


Governor Bill Lee said that as Tennessee saw a 60% decrease in COVID-19 cases, he decided to suspend Executive Order 74 starting Monday.

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Governor Bill Lee announced that Executive Order 74 will be suspended starting Monday, lifting COVID-19 restrictions on indoor sporting events.

In a statement released Thursday, he said that in Tennessee, the number of new COVID-19 cases has decreased by nearly 60% and the number of hospitalizations has decreased by 40%. He said wearing masks, washing hands, and limiting the size of gatherings all contributed to this improvement.

“I encourage Tennesseeans to make responsible personal choices as we work towards a COVID-free Tennessee,” he said. “Your efforts have put significant effort into the fight against COVID-19.”

Executive Order 74 said schools could host sporting events but required them to follow guidelines from the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association. It is also said that non-school sponsored athletics events such as B. Exercise, follow Tennessee Pledge or TSSAA guidelines.

TN numbers continue to improve rapidly, with cases falling nearly 60% and hospital stays falling nearly 40% due to the efforts of the Tennesseans. Based on this data, we are ending recent restrictions on who can attend or attend school sports events.

– Governor Bill Lee (@GovBillLee) January 28, 2021

It also states that as per TSSAA guidelines, only certain people can participate in exercises, games or competitions. Only student athletes who were members of the participating or training teams, coach and team staff, sports officials, administrators, parents and guardians, media members and first aiders were allowed to participate.

With the order repealed, cheerleaders should be able to participate in games if their schools permit. A petition allowing cheerleaders, dancers and bands to compete garnered more than 23,000 signatures as of Thursday.

According to a statement by Governor Lee, the guidelines and rules of the local education agencies and the TSSAA will remain in place even after the order is lifted.