Gowanda’s Hollywood Theater is showing two new Lifestyle projects


GOWANDA – Gowanda’s historic Hollywood theater recently completed two major projects.

Both projects are expected to be completed earlier, but with an early frost in 2019 and a COVID-19 pause arrangement in spring 2020, plans have been postponed.

A grant from the New York State Council on the Arts funded both projects, Deb said. Harris, project coordinator.

“The Hollywood is pleased that RONCO has installed a new, high-quality audio surround system in the theater,” said Harris. “Theatergoers know that sound quality has a huge impact on the experience of both the performer and the audience,” she added.

When the theaters can reopen, the new sound system will be a welcome addition to concerts, lectures, live performances and possibly films.

Harris said that Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the foremost infectious disease expert in the US, told performing arts professionals at a virtual conference she attended on Jan. 9 that he believed theaters and other venues “could open sometime this fall 2021 ”pending the introduction of vaccination, suggesting that audiences may still have to wear masks.

“With an eye to the future, the Hollywood Theater is starting to draw performances due to begin this fall,” said Harris.

The second project was to add a concrete ramp and ADA access door to the adjoining savings and loan building, Harris explained. The lighting has also been improved.

The Savings & Loan building enables Hollywood to expand arts programs beyond the walls of the theater. It’s an ideal place for local artisans to display their work and a more intimate place to showcase solo musicians.

With a small, well-lit green space on the side of the building, solo artists have the opportunity to entertain small groups outdoors, Harris said.

The space is also designed to provide dining options that provide additional income for The Hollywood and a convenient dining option for its guests.