Healthy lifestyle, the key to happiness: Swati Bathwal


On July 19th, under the aegis of TED-X Kanke, a webinar on “The Rise of a New World” was organized. The theme of the webinar was “Health Begins from Kitchen”. The webinar was also live streamed on Facebook, the YouTube channel and Ted-X Kanke Kakt’s website. The webinar was coordinated by Kanika Malhotra. The main speaker for the webinar was renowned health and nutrition advisor Swati Bathwal.

In the webinar, Swati Bathwal said that Covid-19 changed people’s lives to some extent. In such a situation, they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. To do this, they need to incorporate good sleep, yoga and exercise, and fresh and balanced diet into their behavior, she added.

Regarding children, she said that parents today are very concerned about their young children. Many bad habits develop in children over time. It is therefore important to develop healthy lifestyle habits in children too. Do not give the child food while watching TV. This prevents him from focusing on the food. Keep an eye on the child’s use of equipment. If possible, turn on the yellow light on the digital device. This will have less of an effect on his eyes.

Bathwal said that fat cells form in the body from childhood that lasts until the age of 18. After that, its formation ceases, but its size increases.

It takes a long time to find a permanent solution to weight gain problem. Therefore, pay special attention to the children’s food and the ingredients and quantities it contains. Never let external factors dominate you. Take care of your body and try to be happy always. Always make sure you have a balanced diet. Try to get 300-350 calories in the plate you are eating. She advised using Ayurvedic recipes instead of pain relievers and pain relievers for migraines. She answered various questions. Tell people about apple cider vinegar, seeds, different kitchen spices, the right amount, and the benefits of consuming it.

TEDx Kanke curators Rajeev Gupta, Kanishka Poddar, Kanika Malhotra, Bijendra Sharma, Rishabh Malik, Kailash Manjhi, Shivangi Chaudhary, Chandra Mohan Chugh, Praveen Rajgarhia, Atul Agarwal, Rohit Tripathi and Shravan Jajodia contributed to the success of the webinar.