How Lindsi Lane created a lifestyle platform for all women


We had the pleasure of meeting with Lindsi Lane, fashion industry veteran, designer, taste maker and creator of the popular lifestyle platform Lindsi Lane Style.

Lindsi began her career in the fashion industry with Gucci, Michael Kors and Elle and quickly established herself as the youngest personal shopper at Barneys New York in retail.

As a young entrepreneur, Lindsi founded her own styling company at the age of 25 and became the first fashion stylist signed by FORD.

Lindsi recently launched her first upscale bodywear and essentials fashion collection, available on As a new working mom, she designed a collection that made dressing stress-free.


Now, with a viewership base of over 256K, Lindsi brings her loyal “So Lindsi” girls following an experienced, yet fresh and empowering perspective. Lindsi’s platform is about uplifting other women, sharing body positive messages and teaching others to be the most authentic version of themselves.

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How do you use your platform to empower other women?

My brand is all about feminine empowerment, encouragement, positivity, and parenting. Since I’m a girl at heart, it’s important to me to always make my community feel like I’m part of something special – something that goes beyond Instagram. Not only do I try to spread positive news through my feed every day, but I also like connecting my followers in real life to create that sense of community. One way to do this is through my So Lindsi Girl Facebook group.

Is it difficult to stay body positive in an industry that is so looks focused?

Personally, I have a healthy relationship with my body, but of course for many! It can be a frightening turn for the worse; Children having plastic surgery too young, filling their lips and faces etc, but people need to remind themselves that what they see does not always correspond to reality. There’s a lot of FaceTune out there. Look in the mirror and hug yourself. You are breathtaking as you are.

What advice can you give to young women who are easily influenced by the body standards featured on social media?

It’s important to follow people who make you feel good inside out, so follow the RIGHT accounts. It is equally important to always remember that Instagram is often a highlight role of seemingly perfect moments. You never know what someone is really going through or whether they are personally involved with their own body struggles. No matter what you look like, everyone has days off as they see themselves. Don’t be so strict with yourself and speak kindly to your beautiful body. It is your temple!

How can fashion and social media be used as vehicles for change?

Anyone with a social media account has the power to change the landscape of any industry in which they operate. Whether it is about spreading positivity or sharing philanthropic work that connects people with different charities, there is so much good that can be achieved through your platform.

How do you stay authentic to yourself in such a saturated media environment?

I wake up every morning and be myself for a living and there is no better feeling than that. There was a time in my life many years ago when I followed Instagram trends to grow and get more likes and followers , and that just made me feel like my most inauthentic self. Now I am posting for myself and just myself and hope that those who follow me love what they do too! People want to see and feel that real human connection, especially in this day and age. My brand is so much more than just posting a picture of my outfit. People follow me because of my style and my beauty finds and my motherhood tips, but they stay because of my personality. It’s about showing who you really are.

What sets you apart from other fashion and lifestyle influencers?

In any case, my genuineness and authenticity when I share everything I do with others. Whether it’s a point I want to convey, a brand partnership I have or a swipe-up link, everything is 100% ME. I turn down a lot of jobs every day because sometimes they don’t suit me and sometimes they don’t suit my Instagram family. It’s always about my community, and if something doesn’t feel right to them, I’ll pass the chance on. I also try my best to speak to any person who reaches out to me. Most people are shocked to hear from me because that’s pretty rare in this industry. I really enjoy talking to my followers because I love this community that we have created so much. I may look a certain way on your social media feed, but I am human. My life is not perfect and I like to show this vulnerable side of myself with all of you.

Can you give us some tips on how to block out the negative noise on social media?

BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK everyone who doesn’t serve you! And take social media breaks if everything gets too much for you. As you click refresh, you’ll gain a lot of clarity and worry less about the noise. Try it! I highly recommend it.

How does your new clothing line positively influence women’s lives?

My clothing line Lindsi Lane is for women who don’t pigeonhole themselves and their bodies. It’s for everyone who wants to feel beautiful in their skin, no matter how old you are. I have 15-year-olds wearing my line, and a 63-year-old has just written me the best message with a photo of herself in a Marni glitter-knot top and skirt. That’s what Lindsi Lane is all about.

You were incredibly vulnerable when you spoke so openly on social media about your difficult pregnancy. What example are you trying to set for expectant mothers and young parents?

It really was the scariest time of my life. I had to share back then because life doesn’t always consist of rainbows and butterflies, no matter what social media say or show. It’s just not the reality. I want to share with expectant mothers and young parents that sometimes life becomes difficult and chaotic and raw and scary. That’s the reality and that’s fine! So life is. And even if it’s messy and scary and all those things, it’s beautiful and exciting and exhilarating too. All you have to do is ride the waves and be open to the cracking of your heart so you can have honest conversations with yourself and others.

How does your platform aim to make room for pregnant women and new mothers in the influencer / fashion industry?

Being a working mom is NOT a joke. Nobody can ever fully understand until you ARE IN IT, especially as an influencer and now a designer. I currently run and manage two completely separate brands and companies. My job has always been to dress up and perform, but my world has changed since I became a working mom. It’s okay to wear the same pajamas for two days or to have your hair tied in a bun for days. It is very important to me that I show this unfiltered, not so glamorous side. I send the message to young mothers that they can too! It will be tough. There is no balance, just juggling. But we are super women and can catch a lot of balls with our capes. I believe that women can really have everything because we are extraordinary beings. We have this ladies!

Photography by: By Clark Caspi