How to Apply Gel Nails


Gel nails are a great way to get long-lasting, odourless manicures without having to repeat them. They don’t smudge, last for weeks, and are the perfect solution for those who are on the move or need to save time at the salon.

There are two types, hard and soft gels. Each type is cured to a different end that makes them resistant acetone. These gels can be used for extensions and long-lasting designs like coffin or stiletto nails. They can’t be soaked off like regular nails polish.

The process of applying a gel nail to your nails is similar as an acrylic nail. To ensure smooth application of gel, a tech will file and push back your cuticles, trim any dead skin, and buff your nails.

Once the nails are prepared, a layer with gel is applied. The gel is then cured under a ultraviolet lamp. Then, a clear top coat is applied to seal the deal.

You must be careful not to remove too much gel. Otherwise, your nails will become brittle. Duguay Gordon says, “It’s best to wait for the gel to set,” which usually takes around a week.

Another concern is the time it takes for your nail to heal from the gel manicure. This can cause the gel to peel off and may lead to a scab, which can harbor bacteria and potentially be a fungus if not properly cleaned away.

When working with chemicals or tools that may be harmful to your nails such as acids, metals and solvents, it is a good idea to wear a protective glove. It is also important to avoid using your fingers in the kitchen, or near a burning flame such as a stove pilot light or a lighter.

Many people fear that gel will cause damage to their nails. However, this is not true if the gel is applied correctly. Gel can actually make nails stronger and more resistant than normal to cracking or chipping.

It’s important to ask a professional nail technician if gel is right in your case. Ask your local salon for gel information or to recommend one.

They should be able answer all your questions about the procedure, including costs and how long the gel will stay. A gel manicure costs between $5 and $10 more in salons than a standard manicure.

Gel is not dependent on a base or polish, unlike acrylic. It is dried under special light sources to harden and set the color.

There are many brands available on the nail polish market. But you need to ensure that you choose a professional brand that can be used by technicians. OPI, for example, has a line that is only sold in salons. The gel polish is stronger than other brands. You can also find quality gel polish kits for your home that will help you achieve the same look as OPI.