In-person events that fuel the economy return at The Gateway


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – People across the country are slowly returning to normal on Friday.

On Thursday, the CDC relaxed some COVID-19 restrictions on those who are fully vaccinated. In many situations, people now don’t have to wear a mask outside or inside. Masks are still required on buses, airplanes and homeless shelters.

Governor Spencer Cox has already ended state health orders.

Where else do you need a mask?

In Salt Lake, The Gateway is back on its feet.

“It’s impressive. Finally we see some people walking around, companies are coming back,” says branch manager Austen Wilde.

After about a year of reduced and canceled events, some events like the city’s outdoor flea market and movies in the plaza will return and potentially boost the local economy.

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“So many fun things that will make more people hang out on this side of town,” explains Wilde.

The gateway enforces social distancing at all fitness and sitting events.

“I think it’s worth it until people feel safe. We’ll distance things,” says Wilde.

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Various events take place during the rest of May and June.