Inexpensive Perinthallmanna house causes a stir with its intelligent design | Lifestyle decor


Shabeer Ali is excited to share his experience building a beautiful home while maintaining the natural layout of a complex and spatially demanding property.

“My brand new house is in Perinthalmanna in the Malappuram district of Kerala. The 15 cent property lies in three layers on a mountain slope. We asked designer Vajid Rahman to build an inexpensive home that would get plenty of sun and air by maintaining the natural layout of the property. We also wanted the house to have all the modern conveniences. We are delighted that Vajid has designed a spectacular house that is better than we imagined, ”says Shabeer.

The fabulous features of this home start at the gate itself. The composite wall was built by installing mesh on top of concrete box. You might catch a glimpse of the car porch when the gate opens. Terracotta tiles were paved on top of GI frames to build the porch. From here you have to climb a few steps to get to the entrance of the house. There is a small driveway that leads to the back of the house where additional vehicles can be parked.

The noble elegance of terracotta stone cladding and kota stones is the highlight of the elevation. The east and west sides were left open without walls in order to get a lot of sunlight and air. The GI slats on the facade ensure that the interior is always filled with cool air. The interiors have double high ceilings that make the areas look incredibly large.

On an area of ​​2400 m², this amazing accommodation offers living and dining areas, a kitchen with work area, four bedrooms, an upper living area and a balcony. The rooms are open and minimalist. However, partitions have been installed to separate the areas where privacy is required.

A special pergola was used in this house that only absorbs light and not heat. Terracotta tiles and glass were used in the design of this pergola. Meanwhile, stoneware tiles with a matt finish are paved on the floor. The interesting design of the stairs, in which the panels are clad with friction wood, gives the area a chic look. The design handrails are characterized by the classic combination of stainless steel and hardened glass.

The house has beautiful greenery on the back. The balcony was designed so that family members can enjoy the wonderful view.

The construction of this home, including the structure and furnishings, was completed on an affordable budget of Rs 60 lakh. “We feel a unique positive energy in the house. That’s what inspires us to greet each morning with joy, ”smiles Shabeer.

Building material

Walls – laterite stones

Roof – GI truss + terracotta tiles

Furniture – rubbing wood

Wardrobes and cupboards – aluminum processing

Project facts

Location – Perinthalmanna, Malappuram

Area – 2400 SFT

Owner – Shabeer Ali

Designer – Vajid Rahman

Email – [email protected]

Mob – 9746875423

Images – Ajeeb Komachy