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Life without health is a pointless endeavor. Life is precious, and life without health is like food without taste. Good health enables one to live fully and joyfully and to participate in all the activities one dreams of and wants to do. When you lead a healthy lifestyle, your body stays fit and your mind stays intuitive and fresh. This would prevent many serious illnesses and allow a full healthy life. It goes without saying that this is now more necessary than ever due to the pandemic. This is also the reason why patients and customers who want to improve their holistic health and immunity in the wellness area not only consult a doctor in the event of illness Experience encouragement.

Dr. Hafeel Ambalath, Founder and CEO, and Dr. Saya Pareeth, founder and medical director of The Healers Clinic, an all-natural integrative wellness center, both noted that the general interest of new and existing patients is to understand how to improve not just their current health problems, but prevent them that more pop up.

A healthy lifestyle not only lengthens your life but also rejuvenates your body and mind. it will help you feel better. As the Dalai Lama said, “Happiness is the highest form of health”.

It is widely accepted that body health and general wellbeing are interrelated. To be in optimal health, mind and body must be in harmony. Emotions have a strong influence on our well-being. When you’re nervous about giving a presentation at work, you feel butterflies in your stomach, you wallow in anticipation all night, and even the tastiest and cheesiest pizza looks unappetizing. Once the presentation is done and dusted and the fear has subsided, all your hunger and fatigue will haunt you. In the same way, people feel this stress and unhappiness over long periods of time, sometimes several years, and sleep, nutrition and hydration consequently take a back seat.

Although healthy habits are difficult to develop, all that is required is a change in mindset. Strong willpower and a list of goals will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of us have long-term problems that, in turn, require longer treatment to heal. For example, many people are overweight, have poor stamina and perhaps a dull appearance due to a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. An active, nutritious, and rested lifestyle plays an important role in managing these issues. A healthy lifestyle includes subtle life changes such as daily habits and routine, and most importantly the foods you eat, as this directly affects your body and your behavior.

Why Should You Follow Healthy Habits?

Energy boost

A healthy lifestyle plays an essential role in increasing the energy in a person’s body and in achieving better performance in all areas. It minimizes the chance of inadequate sleep and the body receives all of the essential nutrients it needs to function properly.

Foods high in fat, artificial colors, chemicals, and preservatives are harder to digest and therefore lead to lethargy. Sugary drinks and food only give you a boost for a short time and make you want more after the “sugar crash”.

To stay tuned, sign up for a meal plan or check out restaurants like ZeroFat, which are creating a culture where people in the community view healthy eating as a lifestyle. It prepares and delivers every meal fresh from the kitchen. It has a separate central kitchen, which is manned by experienced chefs. It also has a dedicated, certified nutritionist who works continuously with the chefs and oversees each dish to ensure the accuracy of the macros on the menu.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet will keep your energy levels high throughout the day and ensure that you can perform all functions well. A healthy diet includes whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits, nuts, seafood, and vegetables. A balanced diet and sufficient daily exercise have an impact on sleep behavior and enable you to stay fresh and energetic throughout the day.

Live longer

It goes without saying that a healthier lifestyle means longer life. Of course, there is no 100 percent guarantee, but the odds are good for those who practice good habits. Diet, sleep and activity all add up to a person’s longevity. All of this also contributes to younger and smoother skin, well-groomed hair and general wellbeing. Easier to exercise – start with a 30-minute walk each day and gradually increase either the exercise speed (on jogging / running) or the number of minutes.

One can even practice yoga, which is not as strenuous but offers a rest period and improves flexibility while exercising various muscles in the body. The Body & Mind Yoga Center offers courses for children from the age of four to adults in their sixties. The courses are tailored to improve the skills of beginners with a strong focus on breathing exercises, and for more experienced practitioners they focus on intense yoga practices such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Mandala Flow, Hatha Vinyasa, etc.


It is said that prevention is better than cure, which aptly is the guiding principle for general wellbeing. With healthy habits comes a boost in immunity to several serious and mild illnesses, many dangerous viruses and bacteria. Immunity is the most important thing a person needs to stay in shape. This is the most obvious reason why a healthy lifestyle is essential now. With an active lifestyle, it is possible to avoid chronic diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, pneumonia, and more; these could be fatal to you and those around you. Change our daily lives and start eating food that is nourishing. Regular exercise and a regular balanced diet will increase your metabolism and improve your overall health as well.

mood booster

As mentioned earlier, food and emotions have a strong connection. The more natural the food, the better the mood. Sleep also has a significant impact on your brain function – insufficient sleep means a grumpy rest of the day and low productivity. It is human nature that when someone is happy and content they do their job more accurately and creatively, but when they are not refreshed they are sloppy and irritable. A regulated lifestyle will help one release stress and tension from the mind so that it can carry out all tasks with full force and achieve amazing results.

On the other hand, relaxing in the spa is also important. Getting a massage once a month can relieve tension in various parts of the body including the mind. A great spa is Cleopatra’s Spa, which captures the wonders of Arabia and presents them in a wonderfully luxurious experience. Tension and stress will melt away, while mind and soul come to rest with relaxing treatments.

Control weight

Your own weight plays a crucial role in your self-esteem. Here, too, the focus is on exercise and natural nutrition, but the right accompaniment is also important here. If you go to parties or go to fast food places with friends, they will find it very difficult to resist junk food. Set specific goals and keep going – get a buddy or coach if you need to. When it comes to diet, use whole grains instead of all-purpose or white grains to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. This will also help curb obesity and other weight-related illnesses and ailments.

It takes at least 150 minutes a week to stay active and fit for a week, along with a balanced diet that suits your preferences.

At Pharaoh’s Club gym, you can try a range of services and fitness techniques, including crossfit, kickboxing, yoga, dance, high-intensity training, and even martial arts. In addition, a full-body assessment is carried out and, if desired, a personal trainer can provide training.

Another yoga center to explore is the Pratimoksha Studio, which claims to teach yoga like no other center. Each yoga session is individually tailored to your problems. It also offers kids, teenagers, and regular yoga classes, as well as prenatal and postnatal sessions, as well as advanced classes and online classes.

Don’t be your own hurdle – live your life in the best possible way with a fit body and mind.

Nisthula Nagarajan