“James Bond” actor Daniel Craig explains why inheritance is “disgusting”


Daniel Craig may command eight-figure Hollywood salaries – including $ 25 million to re-play James Bond in the upcoming “No Time To Die” and $ 100 million to be used in the sequels to “Knives Out.” by 2019 – but the 53-year-old actor doesn’t plan to share much of it with his kids.

In the latest issue of Candis Magazine, Craig explained his philosophy of inheritance and said he did not plan on having much more money to give to his children until his death.

“Isn’t there an old saying that when you die rich, you fail?” said Craig in the interview, according to the Times of London. “I think Andrew Carnegie gave away what in today’s money would be about $ 11 billion, which shows how rich he was, because I’ll bet he kept some of it too.”

Craig says he finds it “disgusting” to leave huge sums of money to his heirs. He has two children, a 29 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter. His wife, actress Rachel Weisz, also has a teenage son.

“My philosophy is to get rid of it or give it away before you go,” said Craig.

A representative for Craig did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNBC Make It.

The Hollywood star is nowhere near the first to publicly declare that his children would not receive a significant portion of their fortune. Investor Warren Buffett – whose net worth is over $ 100 billion – recently reiterated its longstanding belief that its “incomprehensible” wealth should better be spent on philanthropic purposes than on its children’s investment portfolios.

“After long observation of super-rich families, here is my recommendation: let the children do enough to do anything, but not enough that they can do nothing,” he said in a statement to shareholders, adding that his own adult children “To pursue philanthropic endeavors that require both time and money.”

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