José Mourinho ‘surprised’ by events that led to Gareth Bale’s absence from Everton | Tottenham Hotspur


José Mourinho expressed surprise at the events that led to Gareth Bale declaring himself unavailable for Tottenham’s FA Cup draw at Everton.

The manager said Bale asked for a scan of an injury that was not “obvious” and was disqualified from the squad because of the 4-5 overtime loss at Goodison Park after saying he did not feel well.

“I think it’s better for me to say, we played West Brom on Sunday and he didn’t play, he was on the bench,” said Mourinho. “Monday I was a bit surprised that he wanted to do a scan because he wasn’t feeling well.

“He didn’t train on Monday, then on Tuesday when he was training with the team, but I was informed that he would like to work with sports science for a few days to strengthen the area he was not comfortable with.

“That’s why he’s not here. I don’t think it’s an obvious injury, I would say he is uncomfortable and because of this training session he couldn’t be 100%. “

When asked if he thought the Wales international, who only had 15 games on loan from Real Madrid this season, had to solve the problems, Mourinho said: “Gareth was not here and the only thing I can say is , is the question I was asked. I wanted to make the situation very clear in which I am completely open and honest. “