LG CordZero ThinQ Robot Vacuum Review: Eyes wide closed


LG CordZero ThinQ robotic vacuum cleaner

“This ambitious robotic vacuum tries to do more but trips over the basics.”

  • Provides 5-stage HEPA filtration

  • Brush works well on carpets

  • Its bulky size

  • Limited coverage with HomeGuard functionality

  • Expensive costs

  • Corners cannot be cleaned effectively

LG is a company that has brand recognition in nearly every imaginable area of ​​consumer technology. From smartphones to televisions, it’s a brand that is trustworthy and has been proven to make amazing products. In the vacuum space of the robot, however, this is an entirely different story.

One could imagine a giant company like LG being seen as a leader in this space, especially if its various smart devices are also highly valued, but it has been an uphill battle to get the same notoriety as iRobot, Shark, too to reach. and Ecovacs. The LG CordZero ThinQ Robot Vacuum is its newest roving bot, packed with unconventional features and a design that is sure to raise your eyebrows. Does LG finally have a winner?

No shame in its scope

Boy, this is the clunkiest robotic vacuum I’ve seen and tested so far. I can certainly understand the decision to design a robotic vacuum cleaner that looks like a mini-tank, but it’s significantly bulkier than its counterparts. “Unconventional” best describes its design, which looks like it fused the head of a cordless vacuum cleaner with the body of a fat robotic vacuum cleaner. Because of its thickness of 5.6 inches, it has problems getting into tighter spaces – like under furniture. For comparison: the iRobot Roomba i3 + is only 3.63 inches thick.

LG CordZero ThinQ Robot vacuum front brushJohn Velasco / Digital Trends

Nevertheless, the design is functional as it has an above-average 0.6 liter trash can. For those with larger spaces, it’s helpful because it simply means it can gobble up more dirt before it has to be disposed of. However, the bulky size doesn’t help extend battery life. The 100 minute rating is enough to clean my 1,000 square foot apartment, but the Roborock S6 MaxV gets it done compared to around 120 minutes.

Not the hottest in the shed

In addition to the chunky appearance, I immediately notice that the camera sits right on the front of the LG CordZero ThinQ Robot Vacuum. The camera offers the bot its security capabilities, which I will explain in detail later. However, it is used for navigation through the visual SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Essentially, the camera combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps map spaces, but in practice it is not as efficient as others. Sensors around the robot help it see edges, objects, and other obstacles, but it is still triggered on wires and clutter.

LG CordZero ThinQ Robot vacuum cleaner brushJohn Velasco / Digital Trends

Once you have done a full cleaning, the generated map will be saved in memory. So you might think that it will be faster or more efficient next time. Unfortunately that was not the case and often took just as long. I even tried the poop test with this bot where I put fake poop on the floor to see what would happen. In almost every case, it approached slowly and made minor changes to the navigation, but then continued to walk over it. Good thing it’s wrong because this bot doesn’t wipe.

In all fairness, the $ 1,200 sticker price doesn’t help.

Another area that is problematic is whenever it comes to corners. Since there is only one main brush on the bottom, it just needs to approach the corners. This implementation doesn’t do debris collection well compared to bots that have a sweeping brush on the side to help direct the debris. With the LG hiring, you’re hoping the suction is strong enough to get the job done, but not on hardwood floors.

Speaking of vacuuming, I’m excited to announce that the anti-tangle brush does a good job of collecting hair and balling it up. When certain surfaces like carpets are detected, extra suction is applied to ensure dirt is engulfed for a thorough clean. It is loud in this mode, but it is not distracting under normal cleaning conditions. Overall, it’s good for carpets, but I found it struggling with hardwood floors.

One of the few with HEPA filtration

Catching dirt and debris is the basic job of all robotic vacuums, but not all offer the same level of fine particle collection as this one. In fact, it’s one of the few on the market that uses a 5-stage HEPA filter system. Of course, I take the word for filtering 99.9% dust, pollen, and flakes of skin, but when I look at the trash can it’s almost impossible to tell as it looks very similar to the other bots I’ve used.

LG CordZero ThinQ Robot Vacuum CleanerJohn Velasco / Digital Trends

That said, it’s nice to know that this filtration method makes it more proactive to capture debris. Even better, the filter is easily accessible and washable, which saves money in the long run as you don’t have to take out the extra batter for filters. Finally, I like how the trash can makes it easy to release its contents with the push of a button that opens the lid on the bottom – which minimizes the blowing back of the fine dust particles.

Stick with a security camera

As I mentioned earlier, the LG CordZero ThinQ Robot Vacuum has a camera that effectively turns it into a roaming watchdog. After trying it out, it won’t replace your traditional surveillance camera. That’s partly because of the terrible interface. With the LG ThinQ app, set the HomeGuard feature first by navigating the bot to where you want to see it. The problem with this, unfortunately, is that it is limited to no more than 10 feet from the charging station. It’s a problem in my situation because I have the base in the bedroom but I want the bot to keep an eye on the front door in the living room.

LG CordZero ThinQ Robot vacuum camera close-upJohn Velasco / Digital Trends

Now the camera only takes a few snapshots when it detects movement – and they look kind of grainy. You can also forget to see something when it gets dark as the camera doesn’t have night vision. Your standard security camera has better detection and image quality than this, but I can see the benefit that you can access the camera when you are on the go (and manually navigate to wherever you want to see it in your house).

Our opinion

The LG CordZero ThinQ Robot Vacuum is no ordinary cleaning robot. It aims to do a lot more, but in this attempt to do more, it is not a competitive proposition to measure up to other respected bots in the market. To be honest, the sticker price of $ 1,200 doesn’t help either. You can spend a fraction of that on something that is at least more efficient to clean.

How long it will take?

The LG ThinQ app does a good job of maintaining the robot. Accessing the intelligent diagnostics will check if the filter and sensors need cleaning and will show reminders about maintenance. Following the guidelines will only help enhance its proper function.

LG’s robot is solidly built so I’m confident it will last. A one-year limited warranty is included in the event that something goes wrong. There is also a 10-year guarantee on the intelligent converter motor.

Is there a better alternative?

The functionality of the surveillance camera is difficult to find in robotic vacuum cleaners, so it is unique in that sense. For cleaning, however, there are many models to choose from that can clean more efficiently – such as the iRobot Roomba i3 + and the Roborock S6 MaxV. The latter also has an AI camera to detect and avoid obstacles.

Should you buy it?

No, partly because the cost is too high and the functionality of the surveillance camera is not that practical.

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