Lifestyle changes keep Sudbury man out of jail


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Instead, he receives house arrest and curfew

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Harold Carmichael

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February 19, 2021 • • 49 minutes ago • • 1 minute read Scales of justice backlit on wooden table.  Ideal for the home page of a law firm website.  Can also flop and add text.  Not released (NR) Photo by Bill Oxford /.Getty Images

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Last year Darcy Duhaime filed a plea of ​​guilt in the Ontario Court of Justice and received a 12-day prison sentence for failing a breath test (over 80, commonly known as overblown) as of early April 2020.

However, the conviction was postponed on one of the charges – obstruction of a peace officer.

This week, 30-year-old Duhaime was practically back in court through his attorney’s office to see what he was going to get regarding this offense.

More prison was a real possibility.

Duhaime received a four-month conditional sentence, the first two months of house arrest, while the last two have a curfew.

During this time, Duhaime may not possess or consume alcohol, illegal drugs or marijuana, and seek advice from his manager on conditional sentences.

“Mr. Duhaime, it looks like things have changed for you,” said Judge Andrew Buttazzoni. “I listened carefully to the (court) transcript today. At that time you had some difficult circumstances in your life .

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“Last time, the litmus test for me was whether you wouldn’t cause trouble between then and now. Had you gone further downhill, you would probably have been in front of me again. (But) they have no problems, are in a stable relationship and have a job. You did what you should do. “

The four-month conditional prison sentence was proposed in a joint criminal complaint by the defense attorney Michael Haraschuk.

Haraschuk told the court that after Duhaime was released from prison, he found permanent employment, is now in a stable relationship and things are improving.

“We looked at a likely jail term,” Deputy Crown Attorney Jeff Martin told Buttazzoni. “(But) Mr. Duhaime has improved his circumstances considerably before the conviction in his life. In this life the Crown is now content with a conditional sentence as opposed to a real prison.”

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