Lifestyles weekly Spotify playlist # 13


Weekly Spotify playlist:

Jacob’s selection

  1. Pierre Bourne – “42”
  2. Gatecreeper – “Imposter Syndrome”
  3. The Black Dahlia Murder – “A Vulgar Image”
  4. Chromatik – “dust to dust”

Pi’erre Bourne is one of rap’s most dynamic double threats, both rapping and producing his own songs. “42” has a sparkling lo-fi pop beat that deals with missing former lovers, the unexpected reality of everyday events, and comparing his career to baseball legend Jackie Robinson.

“Imposter Syndrome” by the death metal band Gatecreeper will get everyone in the mood. The first 10 seconds of the song slowly prepare the listener for a full onslaught fueled by outstanding guitar riffs, solid drum work, and some of the best vocal work in Gatecreeper’s catalog.

2000s-era extreme metal can get stale pretty quickly, but the melodic death metal outfit The Black Dahlia Murder has some killer material from earlier in its career. Similar to “Imposter Syndrome”, “A Vulgar Picture” is the band that really hits the gas. The drumming is a huge highlight of the track and the vocals definitely feel vulgar.

Chromatics’ discography fits several genre labels and “Dust To Dust” fits primarily as a dream pop track with an emphasis on synth rock. The track contains no vocals, just a wall of noise and a series of guitar chords that create an extremely dissonant track.

Madelaine’s selection

  1. Washed out – “Feel all around”
  2. alt-J – “Warm foothills”
  3. Beach house – “Wildflower”
  4. Hamilton Leithauser, Rostam – “1000 times”

“Feel It All Around” has over ninety-two million streams on Spotify, and there’s no confusion as to why. This Chillwave hit is not only the most streamed song on Washed Out, but also the title track of the television series “Portlandia”. This lo-fi song contains slower samples from Gary Low’s 80s hit “I Want You”. The songs are both very different, but that’s the beauty of it.

The alternative indie rock band alt-J, founded in Great Britain, delivers something different to their usual sound on “Warm Foothills”. The song bounces back and forth between many different singers, sometimes in the middle of a verse or even in words. The imagery of the texts combined with the gentle guitar and flawless harmonies give the listener an underrated masterpiece.

“Wildflower” is one of the best songs on “Depression Cherry”, the fifth studio album by the dream pop / rock duo Beach House. The dreamy voice of lead singer Victoria Legrand goes perfectly with the melodic synthesizer throughout the song and creates something really unique.

Hamilton Leithauser has a knack for switching from gentle singing to blaring, apparently with ease. “A 1000 Times” is a song that will never get old, no matter how often it is played, and that stays in the head of the listener for hours.

Brandon’s tips

  1. Blue Deputy – “I hate Steven Singer”
  2. It looks sad. – “drooling”
  3. Life on Venus – “For the Kill”
  4. The Obsessives – “I will always love you”

Philadelphia bedroom emo duo Blue Deputy have only officially released two songs, but they remain an example of quality over quantity. “I Hate Steven Singer” combines the classic emo sound with the soothing vocals of lead singer Andy Bunting for an extremely catchy listening pleasure that you can sing along to and scream along with no doubt.

“Drool” by the band It Looks Sad. from North Carolina is a song that puts the listener in a dream state from the very first note. The slurred vocals of the dream pop track and the guitar soaked in reverb, together with the shimmering tambourine, ensure a lively and deafening listening pleasure.

The Russian Shoegaze quintet Life on Venus’ track “For the Kill” is a dark and brooding hearing. The track is underlined by powerful, almost 80s-sounding drums and melodic guitar effects as well as hard guitar riffs. Lead singer Dmitry Kostryukov’s vocals are haunting throughout, especially during the bridge and outro.

Moving on to a lighter note, “I’ll Always Love You” by the alternative band The Obsessives is an endearing and honest listening. The track is light and optimistic, but without being cheesy, as the lyrics “I’ll always love you / Not all the way you want me to” describe that the singer will love this person like everyone else to the best of his ability.