List of top 5 pensions for $ 5,000 a month, only one in Florida | lifestyle


Here are five retirement locations that have all of the perks of these high-end spots, just not the high price tag.

1. Savannah, Georgia

A walkable town close to the beach. It’s a beautiful city with lots of parks and restaurants.

2. Provo, Utah

Has a very active downtown area, full of bookstores, galleries, live music, and antique shops.

3. Bella Vista, Arkansas

At the base of the Ozark Mountains and near a beautiful lake. Surrounded by many opportunities for outdoor adventure such as hiking trails and waterfalls.

4. Gainesville, Florida

Has nice warm weather and good health care. Less than 2 hours from white sand beaches.

5. Greenville, South Carolina

Has both amazing culture and beautiful outdoor spaces. Has a very friendly pension tax policy.

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