Love of the lavish lifestyle puts MBA student in jail


BHOPAL: The wing of the cyber police arrested a 22-year-old MBA student here on Tuesday who was involved in an alleged fraud, officials said. The police confiscated three bank passbooks, three checkbooks, 22 ATMs, two SIM cards and a mobile phone from the defendant. One of her helpers escapes.

DSP Neetu Thakur told Free Press that the defendant is an MBA student and lives in a rented apartment in the Baagmugalia district of Bhopal.

The girl used her landlord’s bank account to park the amount raised through cybercrime

The girl is a resident of Sarni in the Betul district. She asked the homeowner for help providing the account number so that her scholarship amount can be paid in.

The homeowner gave the defendant his account number, after which the bank officials informed the homeowner that a large amount of money had been withdrawn from the account. Around Rs 30 lakh were settled in one year.

The matter was reported to the cyber police and after an investigation it was found that the bank account was used to park the cyber fraud amount. The DSP said that the defendant was leading a wasteful life and that she was involved in cyber fraud in order to cover the expenses. She also worked in a private company.

The investigation revealed that a man who lives in Bihar was also involved in the online fraud. He kept the bank accounts with the help of the MBA student.

The student had taken about 10-12 bank accounts from other people and in the past year about Rs 50 to 60 lakhs had been withdrawn from those accounts. The police have arrested the defendants under sections 419 and 420 IPC and are searching the other defendants in the case.

Modus operandi: The investigation revealed that the student would receive the bank account numbers of her friends and relatives. After the account numbers were shared with her, she linked the bank accounts to her own mobile phone numbers for transactions via netbanking. To do this, she asked victims to share the one-time password (OTP) they received from the bank on their cell phones after the defendant added her own number for net banking instead of account holder’s cell phone numbers.

Posted on Tuesday August 17, 2021 11:40 PM IST