Lovlina Borgohain’s journey from Assam’s Baromuthia Village to the Tokyo Olympics


When 24-year-old Lovlina Borgohain steps into the ring at Tokyo’s Kokugikan Arena, the boxing venue for the 2020 Olympics, a billion Indians hope the young pugilist will win an Olympic medal and bring joy to the country.

Lovlina became the first Assamese female boxer to qualify for the Olympic Games and will play in the 69 kg category at the Tokyo Games.

Along with other Indians, the more than 2000 residents of Baromukhiya, Lovlina’s home village in the Sarupathar constituency in the Golaghat district of Assam, are eagerly awaiting the moment when Lovlina enters the boxing ring in Tokyo.

“It is a very proud moment for us that she will be playing at the Tokyo Olympics from this remote area. There is no sports infrastructure and boxing rings here, but their dedication and hard work have brought them to the world stage. We hope that it will win the Olympic gold medal and bring joy and pride to India, ”said Swapan Chakrabarty, a resident of Baromukhiya village.

Before her first boxing match at the Olympic Games, the Dhansiri subdivision of the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) initiated wall painting campaigns in various locations in the Golaghat district on Thursday to support and encourage Lovlina.

“We started the wall painting campaign to support and encourage Lovlina, who will play her debut game at the Olympic Games. We started this wall painting campaign in the Dhansiri subdivision. We also appeal to the people of the Golaghat district and the state to support Lovlina. We hope she wins the Olympic medal, ”said a student leader from the Dhansiri region.

At the age of 13, Lovlina and her twin sisters Licha and Lima were introduced to the world of sport through “Muay Thai”, a form of kickboxing.

While her two older siblings competed nationally, Lovlina focused on boxing.

Lovlina’s mother Mamoni Borgohain said that Lovlina participated in all sporting events during her school days.

“One day her father brought sweets that were wrapped in a newspaper page. She picked up the newspaper and started reading and met Muhammad Ali and from there developed his interest in boxing. We have three daughters and we wanted all three to be kickboxers. One of her cousin sisters took her to a muay thai trainer and she started training. She later focused on boxing, ”said Mamoni Borgohain of Lovlina, who is also a fan of Mike Tyson.

Mamoni Borgohain added that Lovlina loves planting seedlings and farming.

The 1.80 meter tall Lovlina Borgohain received the support and encouragement of her parents. Her father is a small business owner and the mother is a housewife.

When she was 9th grade, she was discovered by a trainer for the Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Sarupathar. Lovlina Borgohain never looked back after that.

Her older sister Licha has expressed her best wishes to Lovlina.

“We hope that my beloved sister wins the Olympics and we pray God for her success,” said Licha.