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Dustin Wilson, the Central Issue Facility Property Book Officer, in the 405th Army Field Support Brigade’s Logistics Readiness Center-Benelux, inspects an upgraded outer tactical vest at the CIF facility at Chievres Air Force Base, Belgium. Wilson has been the Property Book Officer for the main CIF at Chievres Air Force Base, Belgium, and the CIF annex in Brunssum, The Netherlands, for almost two years.
(Photo credit: U.S. Army courtesy photo)


Surname: Dustin Wilson

Job title: Clerk at the Central Issuing Office

Assigned: Logistics Readiness Center-Benelux, Field Support Brigade of the 405th Army

Location: Chievres Air Force Base, Belgium

Experience: Almost two years in the Property Book Officer of the main CIF at Chievres Air Base, Belgium, and the CIF facility in Brunssum, the Netherlands. Prior to that, he was a supply engineer at CIF in Fort Wainwright, Alaska, for a little over two years.

Other service: Served as an active soldier at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, as an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Armaments, Electrical, and Avionics Technician with the 6th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment for four years. Completed a 9 month deployment in South Korea with the 6-17 Cav.

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Family: He has been married to his wife Charlotte for five years and has a four-year-old daughter, Leilani.

Dustin Wilson, the Central Issue Facility Property Book Officer, in the 405th Army Field Support Brigade’s Logistics Readiness Center-Benelux, poses for a selfie with his wife Charlotte and their 4-year-old daughter Leilani. Wilson says he and his family love the beautiful scenery around Chievres Air Force Base and enjoy walking, visiting the local parks, and going to the farmers’ markets.
(Photo credit: U.S. Army courtesy photo)


Q: Can you explain your duties as CIF Property Book Officer at LRC-Benelux, 405th AFSB?

A: I manage all of our CIF inventory to ensure we have everything on hand to meet all of our Soldiers’ needs and requests, roughly $ 2.5 million in equipment that spans multiple units and commandos across the U.S. Army Support Garrison Benelux, including key commands such as North Atlantic Treaty Organization Headquarters and HQs Supreme Allied Command Europe. I help provide CIF services to dozens of customers every day for returns, issues, and various other types of transactions.

Q: Why is the CIF mission at LRC-Benelux so important?

A: We support customers here in Belgium and the Netherlands. We also have customers in Great Britain, France and Northern Germany. We have a very broad presence and provide CIF support to personnel assigned to NATO HQs, SHAPE HQs, Joint Forces Command Europe Brunssum HQs, and other US commands, agencies and activities. Our main focus is to equip all of our soldiers with everything they need – all of their combat gear and protective gear such as body armor and plates – so that they are fully capable and ready at all times to carry out any mission they are tasked with here in Europe. It’s about willingness and that’s what we offer. We support the warrior.

Q: What do you enjoy about your job and what motivates you?

A: I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with soldiers even after retiring from active service. It was so easy to switch from soldier to civilian in the army. I enjoy supporting soldiers and being part of the team. I did that as an OH-58 Kiowa Defense and Avionics Technician, and now I do that as the CIF Property Book Officer. I also enjoy being here in the heart of Europe. My family and I love the beautiful scenery here. Chievres has such a nice small town feel to it. We enjoy the simple things – going for walks, going to the local parks, and going to the farmers’ markets. It feels nice.

LRC Benelux and 405th AFSB: When it comes to providing daily installation services, LRC-Benelux directs, manages and coordinates a wide variety of operations and activities in support of the US Army Garrison Benelux. LRC-Benelux is subordinate to the 405th Army Field Support Brigade, which is assigned to the ASC and is under the operational control of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command of the US Army Europe and Africa. The brigade is headquartered in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and provides material business support to the US armed forces across Europe and Africa – providing logistics for theater supplies; Synchronization of procurement, logistics and technology; and using AMC’s materials company to support joint forces. For more information on the 405th AFSB, please visit the official website at and the official Facebook website at