Mixer for Industrial Clamp Mounts

Mixer for Industrial Clamp Mounts

The Sedu brand of clamp-mount mixers is very versatile. It can handle a wide variety of mixing applications including dough, powdered sugar, vegetable oils, emulsions, and many other typical mixing applications. This versatile machine can be loaded manually or automatically. C-Clamp’s unique design clamps the mixing arms by attaching them to a single pivotrod.

Mixer for Industrial Clamp Mounts

Camp Chef’s Tote Mixer can be used in many different mixing applications. It features a one-half horsepower motor and oil-free operation. It is ideal for heavy-duty mixing applications. It is versatile and can handle both heavy-duty as well as moderate-duty applications. The Tote comes with an economical clutch system, which allows for easy drainage of the mix fluid.

The Clamp is a 2-port economy clamp mount mixer which is perfect for any type mixing or pumping needs. It can handle three speeds and is ideal for industrial mixing applications that require heavy-duty, standard mixing. It can handle up to five gallons of mixer suction per minute. This powerful industrial mixing unit is ideal for a wide range jobs, including basic mixing to oil or fat preparation. Some of the industries it is commonly used in include:

The Camp Chef drum clamp mixer is also a rugged, dependable choice for any type of mixing or pumping applications. It is equipped with safety locking valves, which provide maximum protection against electric shock and damage. It is a versatile and economical choice for cooking, baking, breading, and frying food in the kitchen. This industrial mixer has a simple operation that can be used for small mixing tasks. The mixer also functions as a mixer for mixing water, baking powder, citrus juice, and cream-of-tar.

The Heavy Duty clamp mounted mixers feature a simple one-handle operation, making it ideal for small jobs. Other functions include mixing water, oil and fats, baking, powdered espresso, marinating, and puree emulsions. The DC motor, which provides powerful industrial mixing solutions, is very safe for your environment. It has an automatic shut-off feature to ensure maximum safety and can withstand high tensile loads. Other benefits include:

There are many types of industrial mixers that can be used in a variety industries, including food service equipment, coatings, automotive, chemical, pharmaceuticals, packaging, and many others. The c clamp mixers are ideal for mixing many different applications in the kitchen. No matter your industry, you can buy a high-quality C clamp to make life easier and more efficient. This versatile industrial unit is an essential tool for any type of industry.