More power, more driving fun in the new Jeep Wrangler 392 | lifestyle


Again, Jeep seems to have found a way to make the perfect off-road product even better by adding a new engine to the mix that will delight even the most die-hard Jeep fan.

New engine, of course more power, with the 6.4 liter Hemi engine of the 392 with 470 hp and the same torque to round off the package. This would accelerate the Wrangler to 60 mph in a very short 4.5 seconds – if driving a jeep is important to you.

Jim Morrison, Vice President of Jeep Brand North America, said it best, ‚ÄúThis new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 expands the meaning of the Jeep Wrangler 4×4 capability and gives off-road enthusiasts something they can’t get factory backed anywhere else: V -8 Performance and a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds. “

In addition to the huge engine, the new 392 Jeep will be equipped with all sorts of factory extras, including a 2-inch lift, improved frame rails, unique suspension geometry, high-performance brakes and FOX high-performance shock absorbers. We’d also agree that it came with the ability to go anywhere as we’ve found with other Wranglers we’ve driven. But this one really has the additional power to underpin the statement “Go anywhere”.

We only had a short four day loan with the Jeep as they were trying to get it to as many journalists as possible, but we got it over a weekend – bonus for us. We thought it would be advisable to get out on Saturday and try the new, high performing Wrangler in the mountains of Utah in early May.

With just one day to get out and really test the jeep, we headed to Little Moab in southwest Utah County thinking we could crawl over some rocks, head into the mountains and have a great day.

We weren’t disappointed with the new Wrangler as there were times when we could get up to 25 degree inclines that it took with ease and barely needed an extra breath to get up and get over every obstacle. We were able to travel over 100 miles in upstate Utah and Juab counties over mountains and hills.

At one point we were east of Santaquin, almost as far as the road led, and had just reached the top of a very steep hill and activated the front camera to help us stay vigilant as to what was coming. With the steepness of the hill, we couldn’t see over the hood of the car. But with the camera on the 20 degree hill, we could see that the road was stuck on the other side.

After putting the parking brake on and getting out of the car it was also clear that we had to drive backwards the hill we had just crawled up as there was no way to turn back and no great choice if we wanted to return the jeep on Monday!

The good news was the reversing camera turned on when changing gears and we crawled down the steep slope with ease. Only once on Sunday afternoon we couldn’t climb a hill because the gravel was just too slippery to get traction and the jeep just buried itself.

We were sure that we could have mastered the incline with a little more speed and other finesse, but decided against it because we didn’t want to report back that we had damaged the great 392 Jeep in any way.

Inside, the Wrangler was loaded with all sorts of amenities that we wouldn’t really have expected from the Jeep. The seats were upholstered in leather and had a beautiful bronze stitching that contained the Rubicon logo.

The 392 also offers all safety functions: blind spot monitor, adaptive cruise control, rear cross path recognition, parking sensor when reversing and a remote start system that warms up or cools down the jeep as needed.

This was also our first experience with the new Sky One Touch Power Top in a Jeep. This is a third option that can be offered in place of a hard top or soft top. This system acts like a very large sunroof, only it’s made of the soft material that usually comes with the soft top jeep.

With the push of a button, it automatically opens backwards and continues to the rear of the jeep with the entire roof open – a great experience for us or any owner of the 392. Best of all, it could be done while you are up to Drive 60 miles per hour. The rear window panels would also come out and stow away at the rear if desired.

Doing all of this and removing the doors would really make for a true jeeping experience. Leave it to the designers at Jeep to come up with new and exciting ways to enjoy the open trail while remaining extremely comfortable in the seats, which are also heated in the front if necessary.

The new Jeep Wrangler definitely checks all the criteria, including speed and outstanding performance now! The 392 is the perfect choice not only for a vehicle that goes anywhere, but also for one that is very spirited, even in the city.

Craig and Deanne Conover have been testing vehicles for over eight years and have had the opportunity to drive many makes and models. You will receive a new car every week for a week-long test drive and adventure. Both love to have the unique opportunity to try out new cars. You live in Springville.