MSHSL modifies sporting events in extreme heat


An MSHSL spokesman said the league is postponing some games to the morning to avoid athletes competing at the height of the day. According to the guideline, they also give athletes longer breaks so they can cool down and hydrate.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS attended several high school baseball games Wednesday.

“Between innings, I go to the shadows,” said Jeff Thompson, who was at Minnetonka High School to cheer his stepson on.

In the Minnetonka versus Chanhassen game, both the home and away teams wore white uniforms to give the players some protection from the direct sun.

Many fans tried to find places in the shade and visited the concession booth for ice water and popsicles.

Ted Schultz, director of activities for Minnetonka High School, said they had the hockey arena on standby in case anyone was suffering from heat exhaustion and needed a place to cool off.

“Twenty-one years as AD and it has never been so hot in June,” said Schultz. “When you look at the 10-day forecast and see stifling heat day after day, you kind of think ‘wow’.”

He said the organizers had developed several strategies to cope with the extreme weather.

“Ice cream, rest, the officers give them additional breaks,” said Schultz. “We take care of the athletes. They wear less clothes to warm up and then their uniforms. You can see both teams in white today. These are all precautionary measures that our coaches and training staff take.”

The Minnesota State High School League announced that no games were canceled due to the heat.