NEN scores at all 23 regional Science Olympiad events


Northeast Nodaway Science students participated in 23 regional Science Olympiad events, got 12 first places and a sixth place in school.

The 12 first places went to the state competition in which the school competed against larger schools. The team was ranked 14th out of 42 schools.

First place, including event and students, is: Cassy Redden, Trevor Henggeler, table tennis parachute; AJ Adwell, Kolby Sybert, ornithology; Victoria Moran, Delanny Hopper, geological mapping; Nathan Meyer, Colton Swalley, Detector Building; Corby Schmitz, Angela Standiford, designer genes; Adwell, Sybert, Water Quality; Meyer, Swalley, Circuit Laboratory; Redden, Henggeler, Boomilever; Hopper, Dalanie Auffert, fossils; Anne Schieber, Swalley, Codebuster; Standiford, Schieber, Victoria Moran, protein modeling; Adwell, Henggeler, dynamic planter.

The second place winners are: Sybert, Adwell, Schwerkraftfahrzeug; Schieber, Schmitz, Standiford, experimental design; Meyer, Swalley, Wright stuff.

Third place winners are: Sarah Linville, Tessa Privett, Astronomy; Linville, Aubrey Munns, Anatomy and Physiology; Schmitz, Standiford, Musikklänge; Victoria Moran, Swalley, chemistry lab.

The fourth place winners are: Henggeler, Auffert, Maschinen; Munns, Privett, Forensics.

The fifth place winners are: Linville, Schmitz, Disease Detective; Redden, Moran, write it / CAD it.