New shopping events for the Shropshire Charity


A Shropshire charity is holding pop-up sales events to recover from the lockdown.

Brookside has over 5,000 items priced at £ 2

The storage rooms of the Severn Hospice are bursting at the seams with clothing donations as the shopping streets slowly come to life again and customers return to old shopping habits.

So it’s holding its first one-day sales event at Brookside Community Center in Telford on August 21st – £ 2 each item – to offer bargains to its supporters.

Hospice Head of Retail Ross Henderson said, “We are so happy to have such generous supporters providing all of this fundraising inventory. All share donations help us raise money and it is much better to go directly to customers than to wholesalers. “

The Brookside event will be the first of four planned by the hospice, which is raising funds after successive lockdowns resulted in its stores closing, events being canceled, and supporters staying home.

Over 5,000 items priced at £ 2 are available for sale at Brookside. There will be clothes for women, children and men as well as shoes, bags, scarves and jewelry. Future events will include kilo sales – where shoppers buy bargains by weight.

“We’re very excited about it,” said Ross. “We thought about how we could make the most of all of these lockdown cloakrooms.

“People are coming back to the high street and we thought a community event could really help keep things moving. We believe there is a real appetite for these kinds of things, not just because of the bargains you can get, but because they support a great community endeavor, ”he said.

“Our customers are going to do something great for us and do their part for the environment while reusing tons of items.

“These events will appeal to seasoned shoppers and fashion enthusiasts – they really are an opportunity to get your hands on fantastic items. We can’t wait for the doors to open, ”he said.

Future events will be held at St Mary’s Church in Shrewsbury on September 25th – Kilo Sale; Memorial Hall, Oswestry, October 23rd – Kilo sale and Park Lane Center, Woodside, Telford, November 20th – £ 2 sale.

To learn more about the events, details will be posted on the charity’s Facebook pages. Entry to every event is free.